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5 Ways Storage Units Benefits Freelance Workers

Published at 25 February, 2022 - 4:52 am by

Work and employment preferences have changed drastically in recent times. Nowadays more and more people are choosing to work as freelancers or self-employed business owners rather than paid employees if given the chance. The rise of this new work crowd has increased the amount of people using self-storage units. Here are 5 benefits freelancers are gaining from self-storage facilities.

Less Expensive Alternative

Renting traditional office space for your projects may come with hidden costs, which can negatively impact your overall profit. As self-storage units can be priced flexibly based on the space you need, it becomes a cost-effective option for small businesses. Your savings can be effectively used to invest in other profitable areas of your business.

Depending on the self-storage companies, some facilities offer value-adding services as well, such as delivery, logistics, and dispatching services. The cost of these additional services is added as a part of your rental package only if you need them.  It is much more reasonable and convenient than getting it outsourced from independent vendors.


Freelancing is flexible and it requires the same leeway when it comes to workspace needs. Conventional office spaces can’t be easily upscaled or downscaled according to the space requirements of your projects. Most freelancers rent a large office or warehouse so that they can stock sufficiently or to facilitate urgent storage. As they come with a fixed monthly rental, you can’t really break down the cost.

In contrast, with storage units, you can get flexible storage spaces in sizes that suit your business requirements, so you can adjust to your needs. This helps you efficiently and economically accommodate seasonal fluctuations in stocks.

Short-Term Commitment

Another great benefit of a self-storage facility for the gig economy is that it doesn’t tie you to long-term commercial leases. Imagine your projects grow or shrink and you need to relocate but you’re committed to the lease? It contributes to extra operational costs and may potentially restrict the investment capacity of your business.

Self-storage units offer flexible lease terms. You can get as little as a monthly or yearly rental, whichever works best for you. You can easily adapt to the changing circumstances of your freelance projects without having to stick to a lease arrangement that no longer benefits your business growth.

No Business Rates

Unlike renting a traditional office space or warehouse unit, self-storage doesn’t charge business rates, which is a tax on the occupation of property for non-domestic purposes. You just have to check that your proposed freelance or storage activity doesn’t contradict the terms and conditions of the company. Generally, for self-storage units, it’s the operator of the facility who is liable for the business rates, not the tenants.

 Enhanced Safety And Durability

Many freelancers use their house as a storage facility for their goods or inventories. This poses a great risk of theft and even puts the quality of the goods at risk by temperature fluctuations, rodents, and accumulation of dust.

Artwork, furniture, wine, electronics, and confectionaries are some common temperature-sensitive goods. Storing them in climate-controlled storage units gives these goods the optimum temperature they require which cannot be met at home or in regular warehouses.

Nowadays advanced security systems like face recognition, digital keys, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and fingerprint scanners are installed in self-storage units, which reduces the possibility of theft or break-ins.

All these benefits provide freelancers with adequate reliability in terms of security, durability, and most importantly, cost-effectiveness. It also helps them ease their operational and storage costs and gives the financial advantage to focus and invest in other profitable business segments.

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