Debunking Common Self-Storage Myths

Debunking Common Self-Storage Myths

Published at 20 November, 2021 - 9:56 am by

Self-storage units have evolved as a convenient and go-to storage option for many commercial and
personal needs. With the right self-storage company, there are multiple ways you can utilize your

Despite the popularity of self-storage units, there are a reasonable number of misconceptions about these
facilities. Before you believe anything you hear about self-storage units, look at some of these common
myths and the actual facts.

Storage Units Are Just For People Who Are Moving

  • Remodeling your house
  • Decluttering your living space
  • Storing extra inventory or documents of your small business
  • Storing the belonging of your loved ones
  • Emptying space in your house for a new family member
  • Storing toys that your kids have outgrown
  • Storing a motorcycle for winter

The best thing you can do is call a self-storage company and verify what kind of storage they allow.

Storage Units Are Too Expensive.

One of the most notable features of a self-storage unit is its versatility. Nowadays, you have self-storage
units for every storage requirement, no matter how much space you need, thanks to the wide variety of
sizes they come in.

You never have to rent a self-storage unit that is too big and costly if the storage space you need is small.
Some self-storage companies also have budget and mini storage units that cater to pocket-friendly selfstorage options.

Self-Storage Units Are Not Safe

Modernized self-storage units offer multiple security layers that go beyond a simple padlock. Nowadays,
self-storage units feature digital cards or security codes for access, surveillance cameras, and even a 24-
hour security guard to protect the premises.

With digital cards, secure codes and fingerprints, not even the self-storage company employees will be
able to access your unit. You may also be required to verify your identity using your ID to grant access to
the premises.

If you want another person to access your self-storage unit in emergencies, you can nominate them in the
lease agreement. In this case, only you and your nominee will be able to access the storage unit.

Self-Storage Units Force A Long-Term Lease

Whenever the word “Self-storage” comes, many think it’s for the long term when, in fact, it doesn’t have to
be. Nowadays, self-storage companies have flexibility in most of their services and policies, including the
lease agreement. You can rent the self-storage unit for as long or short as you like. The shortest lease period according to industry standards is one month. If you feel you might have to extend the lease period, you also have the flexibility to do it or even vacate early before your lease expires.

Self Storage Units Are Dirty And Not Suitable For Temperature Sensitive Goods

All reputable self-storage companies maintain a certain standard of cleanliness and maintenance which
adds up to the quality of their service. They maintain a regular cleaning routine which helps to keep the
storage units, insect, pest and rodent-free. Some storage units also have additional barriers to keep the
space dust and debris free.

If your concern is about the temperature, you can just opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. These are
specially designed to keep any of your goods that are sensitive to temperature in optimal condition. So
aside from dirt, any of your sensitive goods can also be protected from damages resulting from any
temperature fluctuations. This is most suitable for furniture, books, fine arts, antiques, clothes, electronics

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