4 Reasons Why Self Storage Is A Must-Have To Keep Your Motorcycle

4 Reasons Why Self Storage Is A Must-Have To Keep Your Motorcycle

Published at 20 November, 2021 - 10:19 am by

Winter is here, and avid bikers are storing away their bikes for the winter season. If there is one thing that
bikers are concerned about in the snowy weather, it's storage. While there are plenty of options to store
your motorcycle during winter or when it is not in use, they may come with risks. Self-storage has evolved
as one of the most reliable options for unique storage requirements, motorcycle included. Here are four
reasons why self-storage is a must-have to keep your motorcycle.


One of the main reasons to store your motorcycle in a self storage unit is its versatility. Starting from size,
lease agreement, to even payment methods, you have a lot of versatility with self-storage units. You just
need to make sure you're choosing the right self-storage company.

You can rent a storage unit that fits the size of your motorcycle or a larger one for more motorcycles. You
can also store all your motorcycle tools and accessories like helmets all in one place. So even if you're
moving houses or relocating, you don't have to carry the motorcycle and its accessories and risk
unnecessary damages.

Depending on how long you want to store the motorcycle, you can rent a storage unit for as long or
shorter as you need. You're not confined to a strict agreement as with other storage options. And most
importantly, you can also have flexible payment options for stress-free and convenient storage needs.

Protects From Weather-Related Damages

Motor bicycles stored in your house garage or even a shed are prone to temperature-related damage.
Ideally, for winter, your motorcycle should be stored in a heated garage with a breathable, waterproof
dust cover.

Not everyone has access to a luxury garage. Even if they do, the ability of the garage to maintain optimal
temperature for hibernating your motorcycle is uncertain. Unsuitable temperature and overexposure to
dust can gradually damage the internal mechanism of your motorcycle. In the worst cases, it may need a
repair before you use it for summer.

A self-storage unit protects your bike from extreme temperatures, be it very cold or very hot. It also has
good air quality with additional barriers from dust and debris and even rodents. All these will ensure your
motorcycle remains in optimal condition until use.

Controlled Access

Bike theft is a common occurrence throughout the year. It's not safe in your home either. One of the best
features of self-storage units is their controlled access. No one can access your unit without permission,
not even a company employee.

You will be given a key or a digital card for access. You can provide a nominee who can access the unit
aside from you while signing the agreement. This will be helpful if you're far away and can't pick up the
motorcycle yourself. Only you own your storage unit and can operate it with 100% privacy. Some self-
storage companies have a specific time to access your unit, while some give you 24 hours access.

Guaranteed Safety

Advanced self-storage units are equipped with CCTV footage surveillance. This ensures that your
motorcycle is under constant safety, away from potential theft. Moreover, even during any damages or
theft, the CCTV footage can help you sort out the issues swiftly in a hassle-free manner.

Apart from CCTV surveillance, self-storage units also have guards monitoring the premises all the time.
Some also require you or your nominee to verify your identity through an ID card to give you access for
improved safety. These guards can also alarm relevant authorities or professionals on possible intruders,
theft or unforeseen outbreaks like fire.

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