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Published at 1 June, 2022 - 5:54 am by

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s rare to find a business today that doesn’t rely heavily on electronic equipment of some kind. This increasing demand for electronic equipment has made it rather essential for businesses to ship sensitive electronics in order to stay competitive. Unfortunately, in addition to these items being subject to damage if not handled properly, they are also extremely expensive. This article will give a beginner’s guide on how to protect sensitive electronics during shipment according to some renowned international shipping service providers.

Cover In Anti-Static Wrap 

One of the common reasons that damage electronics while shipping is not because of them bouncing around while in transit, but rather by the buildup of static electricity that subsequently damages or disturbs their circuits or other components. Provided that the electronics have adequate storage facilities that don’t exert too much pressure on the items, an anti-static wrap can keep any form of static electricity from building up.

Consider Vapour-Barrier Bagging

Sometimes electronics can be damaged while shipping due to unforeseen factors like corrosion caused by humidity. Besides electronics, sensitive items that will be exposed to salty ocean air, in particular, should be placed in a vapour-barrier bag along with an activated desiccant. This bag should then be heated, sealed, and have all the air inside removed with a specialised vacuum tool.

If you want to tighten this security further then you can also consider adding humidity cards in the bag before they are sealed. This will allow the person who is receiving the shipment to also see whether the item was exposed to high levels of humidity.

Use Wood Crates Or Palletize

A good custom-designed wood crate can provide optimum protection for fragile items. They are usually crafted for single-use, but if you ship a particular item regularly, then design it to be reusable. For electronics that need mediocre protection, strong, lightweight corrugated cardboard containers are a great option.

Similar to using wood crates, you can also secure an electronic item using a strong wood pallet that keeps it stable and stationed during shipment. There are many different ways you can keep electronics on a pallet, including strategies like wrapping them or banding it.

Use A Floating Deck

A floating deck is basically a base that is designed to absorb any shock or energy that a crate receives during shipping. Floating decks allow various types of movement during shipping which include front-to-back, side-to-side, and up-and-down movement.

Consider Shock And Tip Sensors

These are devices that can detect different types of forces that can affect a shipping container or change its position so that you can be informed if electronic equipment has been stressed during the trip. You can then use this information to determine whether you need to run diagnostics on the equipment before bringing it online. 

Seek Professional Help

Lastly, one of the most efficient ways to protect sensitive electronics while shipping is to just leave it to experts. Sourcing the right materials to keep your electronics safe can be daunting, and without proper knowledge, you might not be able to use them effectively as well.

In contrast, a professional shipping company will analyse your goods and their quantity, and customise good protection according to the nature of the electronics. They are done by experts who have industry experience in handling such sensitive items, so the chances of damage are rare.

Thankfully as you have the option of purchasing shipping insurance, even in the event of any damages, you can compensate for the loss. On your part, you just have to make sure you’re hiring a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy shipping company.

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