Tips for Self Storage

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Self Storage

Published at 21 September, 2022 - 7:25 am by

Self-storage has become a go-to residential and commercial choice for storing goods or belongings that need extra space, safety, or even climate-controlled conditions. While some assume self-storage units to be expensive, nowadays, there are many budget-friendly and affordable self-storage units you can choose from. If you’re renting a small or budget size self-storage unit, here are some simple ways to get the most out of it.

Throw Or Donate Things You Don’t Need 

Just because it is a storage unit doesn’t mean you have to put everything you don’t use there. If something isn’t useful or you don’t need it, throw or donate them. This will give you more space for things that matter or for future storage needs. To do this, it’s best to ask yourself about every item you initially plan to store in your unit. 

Think Vertically

A tested-and-tried method to maximise space anywhere is to think vertically, i.e., use the wall space. While self-storage units are listed by their square footage, you can have another vertical dimension to store your items. This includes stacking, piling, layering, mounding, and hilling. Make sure you’re doing them with proper boxes or containers and to a suitable height to prevent them from falling or collapsing due to excess weight. 

Map Out Your Storage Plan

Before storing things in your unit, map out a storage plan to see if you can fit everything inside. If you are short on space, declutter to get rid of things you don’t need, and then think of items that can be packed together or stored inside the other to make space for other things. It saves you time when you start organising things inside the storage unit and prevents you from bringing back things you don’t have space to fit in. 

Add Shelving

While you won’t be able to attach shelves to the walls of your self-storage facility, you can use freestanding shelves to add more surface area for storage. In some cases, adding these shelves can make a small unit sufficient for all your storage needs, saving on cost. 

Use Pegboards

Like shelves, you can also use pegboards to make the most out of your self-storage unit and help you rent less space. This is a good method to use in combination with shelving. Just like with shelving, you won’t be able to drive screws or nails through any of the walls in the unit, so make sure to find a pegboard that can be attached to the side of the freestanding shelves instead. 

Hang Items From The Ceiling

Bungee cords and S hooks can allow you to hang items from the ceiling of your unit without having to use screws or nails. Make sure to hang items at the back of your unit, as doing it at the entrance can make it difficult to access other items.

Disassemble Furniture

If you have any bulky furniture that can be broken down and assembled later, disassembling them can save a lot of space in the unit. It also helps with better organising and easy access to things in the unit. 


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