Most Popular Stored Items In A Self-Storage Unit 14 December, 2022

Most Popular Stored Items In A Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage units are becoming the go-to option to store items safely, whether you are moving houses, countries, or even downsizing your living space. It has also become an ideal recommendation to keep seasonal items and things that need climate-controlled storage. But have you ever wondered about the most popular items that are stored in self-storage units worldwide? 

Here we have put together a list for you. 


Many prefer to keep furniture in self-storage units because they maintain them at a consistent temperature, which doesn’t impact the material’s characteristics. Additionally, it aids in deterring pests and rodents from damaging furniture. This helps in increasing the durability of the furniture. 

Holiday Decorations

Seasonal goods like easter, Halloween, or Christmas decorations are some everyday items people store in self-storage units. These are the ideal things to keep in your self-storage unit because you only use need to access them once or a few times a year. When not in use, they will remain out of the way and won’t take up room in your attic, cellar, or garage. 


While we once dreamed of becoming a paperless society, paperwork is now more prevalent than ever. Most of the time, it’s stuff you need to keep or those that you need to  preserve for future reference, including tax returns, medical bills, receipts, and business expenses.

Normally the law in many countries requires certain official paperwork to be maintained or kept a record of for a few years. In such cases, keeping these documents at home can pose a risk of theft or even damage from pests.  This is why putting them in self-storage, where it will be safe and out of the way is considered ideal lately.


If you are a bookworm, then they aren’t just something you read and put aside. Books are incredibly individualized and can even be valuable in the future. Therefore it can be sad to dispose of them  when you run out of space in your house. With self-storage units, you won’t have to give these books up or let them occupy every shelf in the house.  


Maybe you gained weight, or maybe you lost weight. You may want to keep those maternity clothing because you know you’ll need them again. But, when your closet is overrun with apparel, it’s time to make some cuts and store whatever you occasionally need (or will only use once you lose or gain that weight again). So, you won’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe if your weight or circumstances change, it’s waiting for you safely in a self-storage unit.  


Your children enjoy their toys, but do they need to be spread around the house? Nope! Renting a storage unit can drastically improve your living quarters and reduce stress and clutter. To fulfill the needs of your family, Extra Space provides cost-effective, secure storage spaces. Offer them a few things, and put the rest in a self-storage facility. Seasonal toy rotation will keep kids interested in new toys and prevent your home from becoming swamped with battery-operated noisemakers.



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