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Long-Term Glassware Storage: Preparing Your Collection for Extended Periods

Published at 14 July, 2023 - 12:16 pm by

Whether you see your glass as half full or half empty, you probably do want the glass in question to be intact!

Of all the items that we see customers pack and move into our self-storage facilities, glassware is definitely the most fragile and prone to breakage. Everyone, from our corporate clients to our intrepid vacationers, struggles with moving and storing their glassware safely here in the UAE.

So to keep your glassware (and sanity) intact, we’ve compiled a list of tried-and-tested tips and tricks to prepare your glass collection for a long-term move to a self-storage facility.

Step 1 – Pack Your Items Individually

Unlike documents or clothes, which you might haphazardly bundle into a box in a hurry, glassware needs to be packed carefully, deliberately, and most importantly – individually.

For instance, stacking all your plates together in one pile is a sure-fire way to damage or crack your glassware. Instead, wrap each piece of delicate glassware in bubble wrap individually, and then carefully store all fragile items together.

This might sound like a time-consuming and tedious process, but there’s no way around it – this is the only way to ensure safe long-term glassware storage. If you’re using a self-storage unit for business inventory storage, remember to pass these glass storage instructions on to the factory or packers that you work with.

Step 2 – Pick The Right Packing Materials

On the subject of packing carefully, trust us – you don’t want to wrap your glassware in newspaper and call it a day. Newspaper doesn’t provide enough of a cushion to protect your glassware from the jostles of a moving van. Instead, consider using bubble wrap or foam to wrap your glassware in.

After each item has been safely wrapped, ensure that you choose a sturdy box that can support the weight of your glassware. Flimsy cardboard boxes might not be able to hold the weight of glass, and could end up giving way when you lift it – completely shattering glassware.

Aim to choose sturdy double-walled or wooden boxes for glassware, and don’t be afraid to use several boxes – the goal is to pack glassware securely in each box.

Step 3 – Let Your Movers Know

There’s only one step left before you send your glassware off to a storage facility in the UAE – grab a big red marker and scrawl “FRAGILE” on your glassware boxes. Luckily, our professional movers at Extra Space have plenty of experience with moving and unpacking fragile cargo, so you’ll know that your glassware is in safe hands.

Enjoy Your Shatterproof Storage!

As a client, your work is done! Next, our Extra Space movers will carefully store your boxes in one of our safe, affordable storage units, and make sure the boxes aren’t in a position to accidentally be knocked over if you come to visit.

We know that storing glassware at high temperatures can damage the glass, so our self-storage units are also climate-controlled to ensure maximum safety.

Don’t take any risks with precious cargo – store your fragile glassware safely until you need it again.

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