Important Moving Safety Tips

Important Moving Safety Tips

Published at 28 June, 2022 - 11:00 am by

The success of a moving process really depends on planning ahead of time. Doing so helps you avoid common mistakes, makes the process smooth and hustle-free and most importantly keeps the entire move safe and secure with less damage to yourself and your goods. Here are some common moving safety tips that you should probably try in your next move.

Use A Moving Dolly And Furniture Sliders

It’s a general safety rule that you should use appropriate moving equipment when lifting and moving heavy objects. While this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re getting the service through professional moving companies, if you’re moving by yourself, rent or purchase a moving dolly.

You can choose between a  2-wheel appliance dolly (aka a hand-truck) or a 4-wheel furniture dolly. A 4-wheel furniture dolly can help you reduce the strain on your body and prevent injuries while moving heavy objects.

Using furniture soldiers, which is essentially a piece of hard plastic and durable rubber, allows you to safely and almost effortlessly move heavy furniture across rooms with zero risk of damaging the floor or walls.

Wear Suitable Clothes And Shoes

Although often overlooked, one of the key moving safety tips comes with clothing and footwear. Again if you’re planning to take care of the move by yourself, you will likely be involved in all the process which is a lot of body and foot movement.

Wear comfortable and breathable clothes that can make you feel easy to move around. Avoid baggy clothes so that they don’t easily hook onto something. For footwear, choose something that has a good grip and support. Sports shoes or boots with great traction and anti-slip soles are some good options to consider.

Double Tape All Moving Boxes

No matter if you’re using brand new boxes or free boxes from your friends which are in good condition, always make it a habit to secure packaging boxes with double tape and go around the opening at least twice to keep them more secure. You usually will be able to get good quality packaging tapes and related materials from professional moving and storage companies.

Additionally, remember that it’s a general rule not to pack cardboard boxes with more than 50-60 pounds worth of household items. Overpacking can not just risk the damage to the goods inside it, but also can result in personal injuries if the box breaks under its own weight.

 Keep Kids And Pets Away

The top priority when it comes to moving safety is to keep your kids and pets away from any possible danger. Inevitably on a moving day, heavy, overweight, and big items like furniture, home appliances, and moving boxes will continuously be on the move and so your house should definitely not be a playground on this day.

It disturbs the workflow of the movers and can cause damages, or in worse cases injuries. Either ask somebody you trust to take care of your kids and pets in your or their house or keep them in a room that’s not used for any packaging or moving action.

Keep Hallways and Pathways Clear of Obstacles

Unconstrained spaces and breathing rooms whether it’s inside or outside your house make moving extremely easy, efficient, and most importantly safe for both you and your goods. Disorganised clutter around entry and exit ways can seriously create accident-prone spaces on your moving day.

Keep boxes organised and labelled so it’s easy to move accordingly with due care. Besides these, you may also have to consider doing some little trims on any protruding tree branches and bushes that may get in people’s way when moving goods.

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