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Labeling Techniques For Easy Navigation After The Move

Published at 15 August, 2021 - 10:49 am by


When you are moving to a new home, it can be an exciting yet hectic experience. Many things need to be transported, and packing and moving them can be both time-consuming and stressful. Therefore, it is essential that you are organized and use the proper techniques to ensure that your items can be delivered safely by movers in Dubai and unpacked quickly. One of the most useful methods that you can use to achieve this is labeling. There are various ways you can do it, and in this article, we will take a look at three of them.

We need to understand that there is no steadfast rule as to how you can label items. Different people have different methods; some use a combination of various strategies to create their perfect labeling technique. However, understanding the basics can help you to find what works best for you.


Use color to distinguish your boxes.

If you have opted to store items in opaque containers that look similar, then color is the simplest way to distinguish them. You may either label the boxes using different colored markers or use colored tape. Each color must be related to one type of item. Therefore, if you use blue to denote that the contents are clothes, you should not repeat it for books and other objects.

By using color to tell the contents apart, you can retrieve the items later without much difficulty. It will also be easier for our movers to organize the boxes when delivering them to your new location as they can keep containers marked by a specific color together. So it will be easier for you to sort through them after you go to your new home.


Write the names of the contents outside the box.

While using color can help you quickly identify the types of content inside a box, it will not indicate what exactly is in there. If there are multiple boxes with the same color, finding a specific object will require you to unpack all of them. Therefore, it is wise to label the boxes with all the content’s names. 

Thereby, you will quickly spot what you are looking for without having to rummage inside the box. Doing this can be particularly useful if you are sending items to our self-storage facilities in Dubai, as you will not have to rely on memory to know what is inside and will not have to unpack everything you have stored.

If you want to avoid the hassle of physically writing down lists, especially if there are many items,  you can utilize QR codes to make the process easier. There are many generators available online that give you a unique QR code quickly. So you can link a list of items to the code and then print and paste the QR code on the exterior of the box.  


Label the containers by the room their contents are to go in.

Writing the room’s name on the outside of the box can help your mover keep them in the correct place in your new home. Some items may be difficult or complex to move on your own, so allowing the professionals to handle them will ensure they are transferred safely. 

By doing this, it will be easier for you to unpack them, as the boxes will already be in their designated rooms, so you will not have to make multiple trips to relocate them. However, this technique is not sufficient on its own as it only gives you the information of the room but does not indicate what exactly its contents are. 

When it comes to labeling, the best option is to combine a few techniques so that it will be easy for the mover and for you to transport and unpack items. For more information on moving tips and storage facilities in Dubai, contact us at Extra Space. 

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