How Technology Is Making Storage Solutions More Efficient

How Technology Is Making Storage Solutions More Efficient

Published at 12 January, 2022 - 8:47 am by

Self-storage solutions are very straightforward. That is why on the surface, the self-storage industry may seem like one of those industries that don’t consider technological adaptations. However, those involved in the storage business may tell you otherwise. Storage company operators are increasingly integrating technology into their services to make self-storage solutions much more streamlined and to deliver a seamless experience to customers. Here are some main ways technology is making storage solutions more efficient.

Mobile Apps

Millennials prefer efficiency in all aspects of life. Keeping this in mind, nowadays, storage solutions are offering customers mobile apps to control their access to storage units. With mobile apps, tenants no longer have to keep track of their designated key or access card.

Self-storage companies also use apps for other purposes like starting and renewing leases, making payments, updating access codes and managing the storage unit with their phones.

This integration of mobile apps makes almost all, if not most, rental and ongoing interactions between the tenant and owner efficient via their smartphones.


Undoubtedly security is a primary feature anyone looks for in a self-storage facility. After all, people pay for storage solutions to keep their belongings safe. Biometrics, another technological advancement taking over many industries, is now used in self-storage solutions to provide secure access that is practically impossible to breach.

Biometric security measures a person’s unique characteristics such as voice patterns, retina or fingerprints to allow access. This eliminates time-consuming verification processes like verifying ID manually and checking it with customer records, needing the assistance of someone to access the unit and so on.


This is another popular technology integration that makes self-storage solutions much more efficient. Tenants can use kiosks to access the facility at all hours without any assistance or support. They are also a great cost-effective addition that reduces the need to have security or managers for each storage department or floor.

Usually, kiosks are integrated with a property management software system. Any action tenants take is efficiently recorded into the required databases. This doesn’t call for any manual intervention by property managers or cause accuracy issues.

As efficiency and convenience are rising demand in self-storage solutions, this 24-hour access tool is also proving to be a great selling tool for self-storage companies in recent times.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s evident that robotics has entered many industries, including storage. The integration of artificial intelligence into self-storage solutions is more common in European and Western countries. Automated bots are now being used to facilitate owners and operators to communicate remotely with their customers. Customers don’t have to wait for owners or operators to be physically present to contact or make inquiries, making it highly efficient and hassle-free.

This AI-based technology can also assist customers with the rental process and even offer guided tours. It is more interactive than standard kiosks as well. It also connects customers to live advisors to answer any questions, digitally sign lease agreements and retrieve locks.

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