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How to Winter-Proof Your Parcel When Shipping

Published at 28 December, 2022 - 2:37 pm by

When you plan on shipping your goods, it is always necessary to select the right shipping company. In today’s challenging world, nobody will accept responsibility for your goods if they get damaged. therefore it is always best to take precautions and pack your goods properly to avoid any sort of damage, especially when considering international shipping

Waterproof The Delivery Box 

There are precautions you can take to prevent cardboard boxes from breaking and leaving your items exposed to the weather, even if they will never be completely watertight. First, you advise using a solid, sturdy box at all times. A double or triple-walled box is ideal for sending heavy or fragile items because it is less likely to shatter or get crushed. 

Reusing old containers is not recommended (even if they don’t appear to be broken), as the box’s past use has probably made it weaker. Please verify that the outside box can withstand the weight of all the goods after sealing them all within. If not, choose a box or container that is more robust.

Seal Your Parcel 

Making sure your delivery box is tightly packed is the best approach to waterproofing it. Sellotape won’t do the job right,  you’ll need to spend money on high-quality parcel tape.

Always use parcel tape, which is around 40 to 50 mm wide. Apply the tape to the outer box’s seams, flaps, and openings to ensure it is completely sealed shut. Shrink wrap will help keep your products waterproof during travel, which is helpful if you’re mailing more oversized items. 

At the same time, avoid wrapping your package in black plastic because this prevents automated sortation equipment from processing it, which delays packages and causes automatic returns of foreign delivery.

Protect Items With a Wrap 

Another sensible choice is to employ waterproof packaging inside your shipment. Put every item in its water-resistant wrapper. Because it provides cushioning, bubble wrap is a great option for preventing damage to your goods during delivery. As a substitute to bubble wrap, you can also wrap the item in tissue paper and put it inside a plastic bag. Additionally, fill up any empty space in your package to stop your items from shifting and breaking or simply get in touch with an international shipping company in Dubai

Protect Your Label 

Everyone wants their products to arrive at the correct location. Therefore it’s essential to address them clearly and properly. When your label is done printing, put it inside a waterproof plastic wallet and affix it to the outside of your box to keep it weatherproof. Since clear tape can reflect light and make it challenging for scanning machines to read the barcode information on the labels, we don’t advise using it to seal the delivery label completely.

Waterproof Shipping Labels 

These are the perfect complement for packages that are being shipped a long way, or that could be harmed by rain or snow. The address is readable the entire time, which may not be the case if the pen rubs off or runs, which can most likely happen if a letter or package is caught in the rain while transported.


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