How To Get Started: Things To Pack First When Moving

How To Get Started: Things To Pack First When Moving

Published at 7 June, 2022 - 10:35 am by

One of the most challenging parts of moving out is actually getting started. But by planning what to pack first when moving in a systematic order you can avoid procrastination and stay organised during the busiest times of the move. As per professional moving companies, here is a list of things you need to pack first when moving.

  1.  Storage Items

Your items in the storage space are the first thing you need to pack when moving. They are easy to pack as they most likely will be in boxes. You also won’t have the need to use these things in the interim period of your move, so you can pack them once and for all and keep them ready for loading. Just make sure to keep them organised, by labelling and stacking them properly.  The fewer the boxes are, the easier the move is.

  1. Out-Of-Season Clothes

Just like storage times, even out-of-season clothes will most likely be in boxes or properly stored. You won’t have to declutter them as you probably would have done that when you packed them at the end of the season.

  1. Fine China

There is a good chance that you wouldn’t really be hosting any parties during your move. This makes fine china a perfect item that you can get started packing before the move and without a hassle.

As they are fragile, you might have to pack them carefully using special materials like newspaper paper, towels, and packaging papers. Make sure to label them as fragile, so they are handled accordingly during the move.

  1. Decorative And Art Pieces

While the artwork has its own set of packaging rules to keep them in good condition, they are definitely one of the first things you need to pack when moving. Packing them way before the last minute helps you give them proper care when packing and also reduces the tendency to forget them on a moving day. By putting them on the things to pack first when moving, you can make sure all the decorations make it to your new house in good condition.

  1. Knick-Knacks

We all have knick-knacks that we hold close to our hearts or those that have an emotional value more than any other items in the house.

It’s very important to pack these first, as waiting for too long can easily overwhelm you and make you forget things, and having small pieces scattered throughout the house at the last minute can disorganise your whole moving process.

If you already have assigned storage units or containers for these knick-knacks at your house, then it’s even easier to pack and keep them ready to move.

  1. Extra Linens and Towels

This is another thing that is perfect to put at the top of your packing list when moving out. You mostly will not be changing your sheets or using many towels during the move. So it gives enough time for you to properly pack these extra linens and towels and save yourself some time on a moving day.

  1. 7. Books

If you or your family members are avid readers then you probably would have dozens of books all around the house. You can keep just one or two books to keep you occupied during downtimes and pack the rest with proper care.

This will also give you enough time to give away any books you have borrowed and to donate or give away books that you may no longer need. This will reduce the number of packaging boxes you’ll have when moving as well.



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