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How Can Personal Storage Help You Successfully Navigate University Life

Published at 22 September, 2021 - 6:35 am by


University life, not just in Dubai but across the world, can be challenging to navigate. For many of you, it could be the first time you are staying away from home for a lengthy period. There will be more responsibilities, not only academically but also in your personal life. You will have more chores to complete as you will have to handle all the tasks alone. Maintaining an excellent social network will also be necessary because it will help you build amazing friendships and useful connections.

However, all of this can be difficult without self-storage in Dubai. Dorm rooms can be notoriously small, and efficiently managing the space can prove to be extremely difficult. Renting a storage unit is not just beneficial but crucial. In this article, we will explore why. 


It allows you to hold onto things you love while away from home.

Surviving university can be difficult without the things you hold dear. They could be clothes, sentimental pieces or even a collection of your favourite DVDs. These items help ground you and connect you to the place you’ve left behind. However, it may be challenging to take everything you love and cherish to your new room if it lacks space. 

If you do not wish to leave them, then storage units can be a brilliant solution. Instead of letting these beloved items make your room look crowded, they can be safely stored in our facility and retrieved whenever you please.


Provides a place to keep valuables

If you have valuable items on your person, keeping them in the dorm room can be risky. The probability of them being stolen can be exponentially high, and so is the possibility of damage. To ensure your objects remain safe and secure at all times, you can move them to our storage facility. 

We provide 24-7 manned security with CCTV operation and state-of-the-art lock systems. Our units are also available in various sizes, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. You can be certain your precious belongings are safe at all times, no matter their size.


Helps your room look spacious and not cramped.

As mentioned previously, dorm rooms are not particularly known to have a massive storage capacity. They are also typically given on a shared basis; hence, it is likely you will have a roommate, which can further reduce the space available for use. Living in a cramped space can make it challenging to study, do chores, and entertain guests. It is necessary that you organize the room correctly so it can appear spacious. To do so, renting a storage unit can be a wise decision as it allows you to move items to a secure facility, resulting in vacant floorspace.

University life can be one of the most exciting, memorable, and rewarding experiences in your life. Renting a storage unit can provide you with the extra space you need to have a comfortable and convenient dorm life so you can enjoy more of your college life. If you wish to find out information about the types of units available, contact us at Extra Space.


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