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Air Shipping: When Is It The Perfect Choice For Your Cargo?

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Air shipping, also known by the name air freight, is a relatively new mode of transporting items across significant distances compared to others such as rail and ocean shipping. However, this does not mean it is the best choice for all domestic and international shipping purposes. While it uses state-of-the-art technology and is faster, using other modes of transportation may be more beneficial in certain situations. Therefore, to ensure that air shipping is the right choice for your goods, you need to meet specific conditions. We will explore what these are in this article.


The size of your shipment is small, or the cost of shipping it is significantly less than its value.

It is a well-known fact that air shipping costs more. Airlines incur several expenses when operating a flight; fuel, airport tariffs, taxes, and salaries for pilots and ground staff are just some of these costs. Therefore, air freight is typically more expensive than other forms of shipping. 

This type of cargo transportation also uses chargeable weight, a calculation based on the size and weight of your freight, to decide your shipping price. On the other hand, ocean shipping charges container rates for large shipments, and if your package does not require a full container load, you will be charged based on the cubic meter of space your package will occupy. While weight can factor into the price, the size is more important. 

Thus, if you wish to ship large and heavy packages, then ocean shipping will be a better choice as the chargeable weight for air shipping will be very high. However, suppose the item’s value is considerably higher than the cost of shipping it by air, air freight will be a better choice regardless of the size of the goods. 


The items need to be transported quickly.

Air shipping is much faster than ocean shipping. While the latter can take many weeks or months to arrive, it is only a matter of a day or two by air. If it takes longer than that, it is typically because of the courier and customs clearance. However, even then, your packages will be delivered within a week or two at most.  

It is also considerably more reliable than ocean freight for global shipping. It is common for ships to have delays due to port hold ups or difficulties obtaining clearance from customs. While air shipping can also be affected by delays caused by factors such as weather and pilot unavailability, airlines are more focused on meeting their schedules as their operating costs substantially increase when there is a delay. Therefore, air freight is the most suitable option if your shipment needs to be delivered fast and on time.


The condition of the items should not be compromised

While ocean freight is safe, significant handling is involved, and your items will be exposed to grueling conditions. Containers can rock due to ocean waves; thus, packages can become dented if not secured adequately. If you did not obtain a refrigerated container, then your packages can become exposed to high temperatures. 

Containers are typically made of steel, and when exposed to direct sunlight, the internal temperature can surpass the external one by more than 15 degrees. Furthermore, moisture within the container could evaporate and potentially seep into cargo. Therefore, if your package is sensitive to humidity and heat, then it could become damaged.  

In contrast, packages sent through air freight are not typically exposed to high temperatures. The aircraft’s cargohold is actually cold due to the high altitude during flight. Severe turbulence is also rare, and most items are secured very well to avoid impact damage. They also have considerably less handling than ocean shipping, making them ideal for sensitive or fragile items. 

Airfreight is highly beneficial if the above conditions are met. However, if you are unsure which method to choose, contact our shipping company in Dubai, and our staff will help you decide whether air shipping is the right choice for your shipment. 


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