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6 Helpful Tips To Aid You In Packing Your Valuables Safely

Published at 22 March, 2021 - 6:33 am by

Items that are valuable need to be stored with care, especially if a person plans to use storage units. While the facility will be safe, their items may be vulnerable to damage if they fail to secure them properly. Therefore, in this blog, we will share six tips to help anyone pack their precious items safely. 

Make a list

Before a person starts, they should write a list of what items need to be packed. When it comes to anything that has value, being too conscious is never an issue. Knowing what needs to be sorted ahead of time will help one avoid accidentally leaving anything out. Some people would not know where their valuables are, so they will have to find them first so there wouldn’t be any stress at the last minute. 

Cover everything securely

Duct tape and bubble wrap are essential for packing. Valuables can sometimes be fragile or vulnerable to other elements. They can be prone to chipping or may even discolor if exposed to certain chemicals. Therefore, care needs to be taken when covering them. 

An individual needs to use a sufficient amount of bubble wrap to form a thick layer around the object; they can then use duct tape to provide additional protection. It is also essential to use crumpled newspaper or styrofoam chips between items when packing multiple things together. This would reduce the chances of objects accidentally colliding with each other.

Jewelry has to be stored in smaller containers

As jewelry can be very fragile and needs to be treated with the utmost care, it should be stored in containers made especially for them. Smaller items such as rings and earrings can be kept in a pillbox. Necklaces can be attached to cardboard rolls and then arranged in a smaller box to help them stay intact. 

There are dedicated containers that one can use to keep bangles, bracelets, and watches. Expensive pieces should be stored in jewelry rolls. Once they are all secured, cover them in bubble wrap and stack them in cardboard boxes before transporting them to storage facilities.

Number the storage boxes and write their contents down

When items are being packed, the box that holds them should be numbered. Then a list of what each contains should be written down in a separate document. Doing this would help a person know where something is so it can be retrieved easily. While labeling the containers will also achieve the same result, they should not be done for anything that contains valuables.

Large items need to be dismantled

If any large things need to be stored away, a person should dismantle them if it is possible to do so. This would not only utilize less space it will also protect each component. Once dismantled, cover each piece with bubble wrap and then arrange them within a box.

Electronics need to be stored with care

If valuable electrical equipment is being stored, a person needs to be cautious. They are very vulnerable and can easily be damaged or even cause fires. All batteries need to be removed. If they are easily replaceable, discard them. If not, speak to a professional and try to find out the best way to pack them. 

It is also necessary that the equipment is stored in a box that fits its size, and any available space within is covered with anti-static packing peanuts.

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