5 Packing Essentials You Must Have Before Moving Day Arrives

5 Packing Essentials You Must Have Before Moving Day Arrives

Published at 1 April, 2021 - 8:50 am by

Purchasing vital packing supplies before moving day is crucial to ensuring everything goes smoothly. It would save a person’s time as they would not have to buy an essential packing item mid-way through loading. The things being packed will also be secure when transported to storage facilities, as an individual would not have to resort to using substitutes for the things they forgot. Therefore, in this blog, we will identify five things one needs to have by their side.

Heavy-duty tape

When a person is packing, they will always need this. Boxes need to be secured before they can be transported as otherwise their contents could be spilled or damaged. The heavy-duty tape has a stronger adhesive than the regular type, making it perfect for situations where the item will be handled a lot. They are also more resistant to wear and tear. Even if a person packs heavy items inside, the tape will still persevere. Therefore, it is wise to keep a number of these on hand before organizing belongings. 


If a person needs to pack anything fragile, they will need bubble-wrap. However, many people forget to pack this and find themselves resorting to old newspapers or clothes to secure items that could break. These are not reliable and can lead to things chipping or cracking. 

Therefore it is better to avoid taking risks and purchase bubble-wrap ahead of time. The bubbles in the sheet provide a cushioning effect that protects items during impacts. They are also flexible; therefore, all nooks and crevices can be secured. If there are multiple layers, then a person’s belongings will be safe even in a high-impact situation. 

Polythene roll

These are ideal for large or fabric items that need to be sent to self-storage facilities. They are clear; therefore, a person can still see what it is covering, and they are also highly durable. Also, polythene rolls will not become damp and can protect an item from moisture, dust, and dirt. It is recommended to use this for any electrical items, bedding, clothing, or furniture. They are strong and flexible; hence, it is not difficult to use them. 


While this is not high on most people’s essential list, it is actually very useful. An individual could use shrink wrap to cover what has already been packed to secure it even further. This is especially suitable for suitcases as they could be torn or damaged when being moved. They can also be utilized for binding boxes together. This will help a person organize things better as they can shrink wrap items that have a similar purpose, therefore allowing them to unpack with ease later on. 

Scissors and box cutters

These are crucial things a person will need; however, they can be forgotten easily. An individual will need them for many purposes,  from cutting tape to boards; therefore, it is best to have at least a few of these kept ready ahead of time.

The above essentials can help a person pack with ease and ensure that the items which are being moved to their new home or being sent to self-storage companies will always be secure. 

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