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What To Look Out For When Looking For a Shipping Company

Published at 29 July, 2021 - 2:52 pm by

When you send goods domestically or to a foreign country, choosing a reliable shipping company is an essential part of the process. The service provider you select will be responsible for transporting the packages safely and ensuring all the relevant authorities approve them. If you make the wrong choice, the cost can be exponentially high. Fortunately, choosing the right one might be difficult if you do not know what to watch out for. For today’s blog, we will examine some of the crucial aspects that you need to verify before making your selection. 

Is the company registered and accredited?

When selecting a shipping company, the most important thing you need to make sure is that they are registered and allowed to operate in the regions you are sending goods to and from. The process of getting registered is meticulous, and only those who are able to provide a high quality of service will be able to receive their license and operate publicly. By ensuring your shipping provider is a legitimate company, you can be confident that your shipment will be in safe hands. 

Do they have experience handling shipments similar to yours?

Experience matters when it comes to shipping, and this does not necessarily apply to the number of years a shipping provider has been operating. Rather, you need to see whether a company has dealt with shipments like yours and how they handled them. The shipping method for items can change based on several factors.

For instance, things like frozen food and dairy need to be kept in containers with refrigeration facilities as otherwise, they can become contaminated or spoiled. Electronic equipment should never be stored next to an object that might generate static electricity or lead to a short circuit, as they could spark and create a fire. If your shipping company is inexperienced in the type of shipment you want to transport, they will not sort the logistics out effectively and could compromise your shipment’s safety.

Can they provide additional services you need?

The process of shipping does not only involve transporting an item from one place to another but also requires you to sort out the packing and unloading of your items and most importantly, choosing the appropriate storage facility. If you cannot handle the logistics, you should make sure the company you hire can do them effectively so that there will not be any needless complications or last-minute issues that you might have to face. 

Do they offer insurance?

Regardless of whether you are moving goods through domestic or international shipping, they need to be covered by insurance since there is a risk of damage when held or transported. In some cases, the goods can be a complete loss and if your shipment is not protected by insurance, the incurring costs will have to be borne by you. 

Therefore, always ask your shipping company if they provide insurance. If they don’t have the service, ask them what their procedure is if there is any damage to the shipment. A qualified professional should be able to outline the process with ease and clarity. 

Can shipments be tracked in real-time?

Knowing where your items are in the shipping process is important. It will help you detect anything out of the ordinary and quickly obtain assistance so that your packages can be delivered safely. Therefore, you must ensure your shipping provider is transparent about the movement of your shipment and should have the necessary facilities to let you track them on your own. 

All the aspects mentioned in this blog are essential and should be carefully considered when selecting a company for domestic or international shipping. At Extra Space, we fulfill all the above features and will ensure that the packages you send will be delivered with the utmost care. Apart from these our experts can also advise you on the best methods and routes for a better and more efficient shipping. 

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