Top 3 Destinations People Moved To In 2021

Top 3 Destinations People Moved To In 2021

Published at 15 January, 2022 - 6:28 am by

Moving to other countries is no longer seen as a major inconvenience, especially with the easy access to moving companies. Adding to this, here has been a gradual increase in the number of countries that make immigration easier for people. People move to other countries for different reasons: to improve their standards of living, have the opportunity to earn more, and to improve overall life stability. Take a look at the three countries that most people moved into in 2021. 


Known best as a home to skiing, pastoral landscapes, and the best chocolate in the world, this country also boasts good governance and a reliable economy that will make anyone want to move there. According to HSBC’S expat explorer survey, Switzerland is one of the countries that scores a higher ranking than any other for political stability, economic stability and income. 

The average expat salary in Switzerland is 33% higher than the global average for expats, which stands at $75,966 (£64,700). Among them, at least 71% of international movers in Switzerland report that they have more disposable income in Switzerland than they did in their home country. 

The reason why Switzerland ranks as one of the top 3 destinations people moved into in 2021 doesn’t come with these financial benefits alone. This country supposedly also has a well-renowned quality of life. Expats report that they enjoy a better work-life balance here than they did in their home country. 

All the free time and high disposable income this country offers for an average working citizen are sufficient for most to hop over the borders to neighbouring France, Germany and Italy for a long weekend where one can enjoy the varied cultural delights of Europe. 


Next up on the list is a country that is ideal for movers who would love to spend their life under a relatively temperate climate with amazing sunsets to watch every day. Spain is considered one of the best places in the world to retire. In fact, nowhere in the EU will anyone find more British pensioners than in Spain.


Talking about the weather, the three popular Spanish cities – Barcelona, Madrid and Seville are ranked as the top 10 sunniest destinations in Europe. Spanish residents are also considered the least stressed city dwellers, who reflect a good work-life balance alongside a steady disposable income. 

It is also ranked as one of the best countries in Europe for the finest quality of life, physical and mental wellbeing, ease of settling in and welcoming different communities. This welcoming culture also stretches to children where it is easy for kids to make friends, thereby making it an overall family-friendly destination to move in. 


This young country which became independent only after 1965, is another top destination people moved into in 2021. Singapore has received similar attraction by business personals over the past couple of decades for its highly steady business markets.

This openness to outsiders has created an inclusive urban culture that anyone who’s familiar with a big city will slot right into. Although it is ranked as one of the smallest countries in the world (half the size of London), it makes it easy for new movers to integrate themselves to the country and feel at home.

Singapore boasts amazing entertainment options, the perfect balance of working life, and has a schooling and education system that is phenomenal. It also has a steady ranking in quality of life, safety and security and travel and transportation facilities. All these have made Singapore a perfectly picturesque place that is nourishing for bachelors, couples and families alike. 


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