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The KonMari Method: Simplifying Your Life through Tidying and Organization

Published at 28 July, 2023 - 12:32 pm by

Let’s face it; clutter is never a good thing to see if you need to refresh your mind. It’s no secret that a tidy space will bring you more peace and quiet when compared to a compact environment.

“But how can I tidy my space?” is a common question we all face. With an overwhelming amount of goods surrounding us, it seems almost impossible to tidy and organize your space to your liking. “How can I find affordable storage? ” or where to find “Self-storage facility in Dubai?” are normal questions to ask if you’re planning to tidy and organize your living space.

Selecting what to keep in your house and what to throw away can be a real hassle. This is where the KonMari method comes in.

What is KonMari?

KonMari method is a tidying and organizing method that makes your life way easier. Introduced by Marie Kondo in her book, “The life-changing magic of tidying up”, the KonMari method approaches the Tidying process in a more holistic way. This allows you to simplify your living space as well as your mind.

Steps of KonMari

Kondo explains six simple rules of tidying and organizing. Let’s dive into each one to gain a better understanding of the KonMari Method.

  • Commitment – according to Kondo, establishing a commitment to your tidying process is the first step. This kind of long-term commitment allows you to build a lifelong habit of organizing.
  • Imagine – Our Imagination is wild, and Kondo tells you to imagine your ideal lifestyle in the best way possible. This allows you to think of what you need in your living space and what you do not. By imagining and tidying up, you will eventually live the ideal lifestyle you dream of.
  • Discard– Discarding means you keep what you love and let go of the rest with a wholesome mindset. We tend to accumulate plenty of goods, whether needed or not. However, throwing certain items away for the sake of tidying or organizing your living space is a healthy habit to develop. This is where affordable organizing spaces come in handy. If you live in Dubai, it is important to identify affordable self storage facilities before approaching the KonMari method.
  • Categorize – Don’t declutter by room. Instead, tidy by categories like books and clothes. It’s a more manageable process.
  • Order – Creating an order with your categories will make it easier for you to decide what you need to keep and what you need to let go. Kondo suggests the order of starting with clothes, books, and papers and finally moving on to your sentimental items.
  • Joy – The most essential step of the KonMari method is discovering whether ia thing sparks joy. You are solely responsible for what makes you happy and what does not. This allows you to build a safe and organized living space in the long run.


KonMari method is an excellent method for decluttering your household to maintain your ideal living standards. With the help of affordable storage spaces, getting rid of your items becomes easier, and the catch is you’re not getting rid of them but storing them somewhere out of your household instead. This is a great way to organize your life while storing your goods safely.

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