Summer Changes: 5 Clever Storage Hacks To Make Your House Look More Spacious

Summer Changes: 5 Clever Storage Hacks To Make Your House Look More Spacious

Published at 24 July, 2021 - 9:53 am by

If there is one thing all Dubai residents are familiar with, it is an eternal war with space. Given the plentiful shopping choices and the limited square foot of a home, ensuring that all of your belongings can be stored without creating clutter can be difficult. Busy schedules worsen this, as you do not have enough time to organize your home. However, summer is upon us, and it brings a much-needed vacation that can be used to employ hacks to make a house tidy and spacious. By acquiring storage space for rent and using clever furnishings, you can expand your floor space efficiently.

Choose furniture with reflective surfaces
These are the easiest solutions to include storage while ensuring a space looks expansive. Reflective surfaces bounce light and make rooms look spacious. When cupboards and cabinets have a reflective surface, they provide storage within them while ensuring that it doesn’t look intrusive on the exterior. It has to be noted that this doesn’t necessarily free the floor space of a home, but it provides an illusion.

Send rarely used items to self-storage facilities
Self-storage facilities are a Dubai homeowner’s most helpful ally. They provide secure units that can be accessed at any time of the day. They are also located close to neighborhoods, so you can quickly retrieve your belongings at any time.

The best way to expand space in a home is to move things out. Therefore, any items that are used rarely, for example, seasonal things such as eid decorations or thick clothes, can be moved to the self-storage unit. Climate control storage spaces are also available to help keep items that are temperature-sensitive without any worries.

Install loft beds with built-in storage and facilities
Loft beds have become increasingly popular because they are multifunctional and make bedrooms spacious. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, loft beds with built-in storage and facilities make use of vertical space, thus ensuring ample room for other purposes.

Many can have seating, storage, and even study tables attached to them, creating a highly functional space. While there are predesigned models available, if you wish to customize one, it is possible.

Place storage ottomans in rooms.
The ottoman is a highly versatile piece of furniture. It can be used as a footrest, a coffee table, or even as extra seating. Versions with built-in storage are trendy as they provide a hidden space to store items that could take up room elsewhere in the house. For example, you can store blankets, magazines, cushions, and knickknacks within them. In addition, it will make a room look spacious as multiple types of furniture will not be necessary, and there will not be any clutter.

Knee wall dresser
For some homes, knee walls are used to provide support to the rafters in timber roofs. As a result, they usually have unused space within them. However, suppose you want to increase storage without sacrificing even an inch of floor space. In that case, you could install dressers in these areas.

You do not have to sacrifice space for storage if you apply the above hacks. With the help of some creativity and storage facilities in Dubai, your home can be guaranteed to become expansive and stunning to behold.

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