Here’s a Guide on How to Store Your Christmas Decorations 14 May, 2024

Here’s a Guide on How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness. It’s always nice to fill your home with decorations, but once the holiday season is over, it’s time to take these Christmas decorations down. However, if you want to use these decorations again for the next year, it’s important to store them properly.

Here’s a guide on storing Christmas decorations:

Make a List of All Your Christmas Items

Make a List of All Your Christmas Items

The first thing you should do is make a list of all the Christmas items you will be storing. This is so that you can keep track of all your decorations and remember all the items you stored.

By making a list, you will also be able to have an overview of all the items you will be storing, which will then give you an idea as to how you’re going to store things. You will be able to estimate how many storage bins or boxes you need as well as any other items needed for storing Christmas decorations.

While making a list, you can also categorize the items, like the types of ornaments, Christmas tree decorations, or whether they are indoor or outdoor lights.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

Invest in high-quality storage bins to protect your Christmas decorations. Storing your Christmas decorations in plastic storage bins will help keep your items safe until you need them again for the season. They are also more durable compared to cardboard boxes and keep dust and pests away.

A clear, see-through storage bin allows you to easily see what’s inside, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time just to find a specific item. Additionally, rather than dumping everything in one large plastic bin, it is better to have a separate bin for each type of decoration, especially when those decorations are fragile items.

Do Not Forget to Label

Don’t forget to label plastic storage bins, containers, or boxes. Labeling helps you find things easier. It will also help all your Christmas storage bins or boxes not get mixed up with the bins or boxes of other seasons or holidays.

You wouldn’t want to open boxes and find Valentine’s Day decorations instead of Christmas decorations, right? So, make sure to label. But most importantly, if there are breakable items inside, never forget to put a “Fragile” sign on all visible sides.

Avoid Tangled Lights: How to Store Christmas Lights

Tangled Christmas lights can take the joy out of decorating. It can be tiring having to untangle all those lights before beginning to decorate. It can even slow down your progress. But tangled Christmas lights can be avoided if you store them properly.

To do so, you can wrap your Christmas lights around pieces of cardboard or spools. Another option is to wrap them around used coffee cans. You can also use cable ties for your Christmas lights. Storing your Christmas lights properly will keep them organized and protected from damage.

Additionally, before you store your Christmas lights, make sure to check the bulbs and see if there’s anything damaged. There will be no point in storing broken lights, after all. Also, use a dedicated plastic bin or box for your Christmas lights and avoid mixing them with heavy Christmas decorations. You can also choose to organize your Christmas lights by length and color.

Storing Christmas Ornaments

For storing ornaments, you can invest in an ornament storage box with dividers or use egg cartons, cardboard divided trays, repurposed shoe boxes, or plastic cups.

Protect breakable ornaments by individually wrapping them in newspaper, tissue paper, or pieces of felt. You can also wrap them in bubble wrap (and this goes for all fragile Christmas decorations such as figurines). Don’t just directly place them in bins. Make sure breakable items have an added layer of protection.

Storing Christmas Wreaths

There are several ways to store Christmas wreaths. One way would be to cover them in a plastic bag and hang them. You can also use their original boxes (if you still have them) or buy boxes or bags that are specifically designed to protect them.

Storing a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree often gets the most attention at home, and it also needs much of your attention when preparing it for storage. For Christmas tree storage, use a tree storage bag. Remove all ornaments and disassemble the tree. Remember not to force the tree into the bag, but take the time to properly arrange it so that it won’t get damaged.

You can also choose to shrink wrap your Christmas tree. Fold down the limbs and tightly wrap the entire tree in plastic wrap. When you want to use the tree again, you can just cut open the wrap and fluff the branches.

Storing your Christmas tree properly is crucial in prolonging its life. If you don’t want to buy a new tree every year, make sure to store your Christmas tree with care.

Storing Christmas Stockings and Linen

Christmas stockings and Christmas-themed linen such as tablecloths should be stored properly to keep them in good condition. Before putting them into storage, wash and dry them (make sure they are completely dry). You can then fold them and store them inside a plastic storage bin.

Do Not Overstuff Storage Bins or Boxes

It may be tempting to see how many Christmas decorations you can fit into storage bins or boxes. However, putting too many decorations in one box can cause damage to your items. So, make sure not to get those bins or boxes too loaded.

As mentioned earlier, it’s better to have a separate storage bin or box for every type of decoration. This is for their protection and for your convenience, as it makes it easier for you to locate items.

Rent a Storage Unit for Your Christmas Decorations

Rent a Storage Unit for Your Christmas Decorations

You may no longer have space in your garage, basement, or attic to store your Christmas decorations. Christmas trees, wreaths, and ornaments could take up a lot of space in your home, and you won’t even be using them for the entire year.

Consider renting a storage unit for your Christmas decorations. All your items will be protected and safe in a self-storage facility.

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