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Smart Ways To Keep Your Seasonal Decoration Secured In Storage

Published at 14 November, 2022 - 10:27 am by

Are you looking for storage hacks while decluttering after the holidays? As the end of the year advances, the number of holiday decorations multiplies. Many of us enjoy family traditions and decorative items at this time of year. Unfortunately, taking an old décor piece out of the closet to find it destroyed is a frequent experience.

This year, you won’t have to worry about decorating for all your favorite holidays since here are smart ways to keep your seasonal decorations in storage safe all year.

  • Invest in Storage Bins

You can invest in storage options such as bags, containers, shelves, and stacking units. It’s a smart technique for general house management, but it’s handy for Christmas decorations.

Clear plastic see-through bins are also convenient since you can see what’s inside at all times. These are useful for keeping Christmas decorations in an out-of-the-way, such as an attic, garage, or storage unit.

Use containers, tubs, or boxes in various sizes to keep smaller, more fragile objects together. Bins and containers designed for the purpose may be preferable to recycled alternatives such as old cardboard boxes or paper bags. They are not as durable and may not be moisture-proof. You don’t want mold to ruin your Christmas decorations.

  • Separate Seasonal Decor in Clear Storage Bins

Use clear plastic containers to make it easier to find the proper décor when it’s time to bring it back out. It allows you to see what’s inside without going through each box. It’s also an efficient method to keep holiday storage boxes distinct from other storage containers without removing the cover each time.

  • Label Each Box

One of the simplest but most effective holiday decoration storage solutions is labeling. Even products in transparent bags and canisters are easier to retrieve if an informative label is displayed on the front. It’s easy to cram everything away in a hurry towards the end of the holidays, convincing yourself that you’ll remember what’s in each bag. If you need them again in a year, you probably won’t remember what they are.

You’ll be thankful for the few minutes you spent precisely labeling the contents of each box and bag. Label all the packages and bags included within your bigger containers to save time.

  • Wrap Christmas Lights in Cardboard

Strings of lights can become tangled and damaged if not stored properly. An easy and low-cost method is to wrap your lights around a piece of cardboard.

Keep your lights together in a box packed with bubble wrap or other impact-absorbing material to protect the bulbs.

It’s also a good idea to test your lights before packing them. Packing a few extra bulbs and fuse bulbs with the lights is a simple way to ensure they are ready to go the next time.

  • Recycle Toilet Paper Tubes

Old toilet paper tubes are ideal for storing string lights, electrical wires, and other seasonal decorations. To keep everything clean and tidy, arrange the tubes inside a seasonal storage container!

  • Shrink Wrap Christmas Trees

Using an artificial Christmas tree is a smart way to save time and money. However, putting together and taking apart every year may be time-consuming. In addition, putting the branches in boxes might cause them to bend out of shape. To save your tree and save time, fold down the limbs and then tightly wrap the entire tree in plastic wrap—either heavy-duty cling wrap or movable plastic wrap, which can be purchased at most home depots.

  • Use Textile Fabric Bags for Wreaths

If you want to preserve your fake wreaths, don’t store them in other storage boxes or leave them exposed to almost a year’s worth of dust. Instead, wrap the wreath with a fabric garment bag and hang it to keep it out of the way. If you have an extra coat rack in storage, that will suffice; otherwise, try putting a hook on the wall of your storage room.

  • Consider Storage Units

Items that take up a lot of room but are rarely used are ideal for storage facilities. Pack up your holiday decorations and store them in a self-storage facility. This way, they’ll remain properly secured until the next holidays, conserving room in your house and ensuring they stay in great condition.


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