No More Space? Here Are 8 Signs That You Need a Self-Storage Unit 28 May, 2024

No More Space? Here Are 8 Signs That You Need a Self-Storage Unit

Are you running out of space in your home? Does it take hours for you to find an item? Do you have to move things around just to get something? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then you may be in need of self-storage. Here are eight signs that you need to rent a storage unit:

1. You’re Out of Space

You have no more space in your house. No more space for new furniture, appliances, and even just small items. Your closets may be too full, and you can no longer bring in even one new piece of clothing.

You may even have difficulty closing your closet because of too many clothes. Or perhaps all your shelves are occupied, and you have no more room for even just one new book.

If you’re in need of more space in your home for new items, a storage unit can help. Move old items into a self-storage unit to get additional space in your house.

2. You Have a Hard Time Finding Items

You may find it hard to locate items in your home. You know that the item you’re looking for is inside your house, but because of too many things all over the place, you just can’t find that one item. It may take hours for you to look for that specific item, and you may have to go through all of your stuff.

When you have too many belongings and you’re out of space, it may be difficult to keep things organized. This, in turn, will affect where you place items. You may just be tossing things everywhere as you deem fit. This will then lead to you having a hard time looking for these items.

If you have difficulty finding items (or worse, if you can never find what you need), it’s a sign that you should get a storage unit.

3. Overcrowded Areas: Your Place Is Full of Clutter

Overcrowded Areas

Your home does not feel and look spacious but is full of clutter. You may feel like your place is getting smaller, or you may be tripping over things. There are piles of boxes everywhere, or maybe you have been using your furniture for storage.

You may be in a situation where you have to move stuff around just so you can sit down. Areas in your home may be flooded with too many belongings, making it hard for you to keep things organized.

You may also no longer be able to invite friends over because there’s no more space in your home, or you may be embarrassed about the clutter. Avoid overcrowded areas in your home by renting a storage unit.

4. Things Are Starting to Pile Up

Clutter can build up over time, and when you notice that things are starting to pile up, it’s a sign to get a storage unit. It usually starts small: you put one item somewhere, and then another, and then they start piling up.

You may be starting to stack boxes around your house, such as in the living room, hallways, or bedrooms. These may be boxes filled with items you no longer use regularly, but still want to keep.

Sadly, they still take up a lot of space in your home, and you could be piling things up, turning your whole house into a storage unit. Don’t let items get piled up and create an accumulation of clutter. Go rent a storage unit for your belongings.

5. You Have Rooms You Cannot Use

Your home is supposed to be a place where you can rest and do the things that you love. However, because of too many things in your house, you may have turned some rooms into storage areas, and therefore, cannot use them for other things, such as hobbies like painting or dancing.

Because of such, you may be neglecting hobbies due to the lack of space. Rooms in your house can be used for various purposes, and it does not have to be for storage.

Your home is not a storage unit. Use rooms to do the things that you love – whether it’s painting, dancing, or playing instruments. Store items at a self-storage facility so that you won’t have to turn rooms at home into storage areas.

6. You Have Many Seasonal Items

Seasonal items such as seasonal decorations, Halloween costumes, or winter clothing are things we don’t use every day, but they still take up a lot of space in our homes. You may have piles of boxes filled with seasonal items in your garage, attic, or rooms.

Because you don’t use holiday decorations or costumes every day, it is better for you to store them somewhere else, like a storage unit. That way, you will have more space at home for items you use on a daily basis.

7. It’s Difficult for You to Retrieve Items

Do you have to climb over items just to get something? It may be hard for you to access or retrieve items without having to move everything else. Maybe you’ve been stacking too many things in your garage or rooms that it’s hard for you to reach for a certain item.

The lack of space may make it difficult for you to get some items back. A self-storage facility can give you the additional space you need.

8. No More Space in the Garage for Your Car

If you can no longer park your car in the garage, it’s time to get a storage unit. While it’s common to store boxes or equipment in a garage, you should make sure that there’s still space left for your car.

If you can no longer use your garage for your car, then it means you may have too many items stored already. Maybe you have boxes piled up until the ceiling. Transfer all those boxes and equipment to a storage unit. Additionally, you can also consider car storage, and you can learn more about it here.

Renting a Storage Unit

Renting a Storage Unit

If any of the situations above apply to you, it may be time to consider renting a self-storage unit. All your items will be safe in a self-storage facility, and you will also have more space at home. Ready to rent a storage unit? Contact us today!


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