Shipping for Small Businesses: Cost-Effective Options and Best Practices 21 July, 2023

Shipping for Small Businesses: Cost-Effective Options and Best Practices

So, you’re a proud small business owner who’s probably looking to expand your business. Running a small business isn’t easy work, and growing your business will bring you new obstacles. Whichever it may be, there’s one important task you need to figure out before moving into international waters “Shipping

Figuring out how to manage shipping is vital for your business and your client. This article will guide you through the international shipping process for small business owners.

Have you ever struggled with shipping your goods/ items from Dubai? It’s a no-brainer that sorting between multiple moving companies in Dubai could be a hassle, especially when you are trying to figure out the most budget-friendly option for your business. If you’re wondering how to ship your goods from Dubai, hang on to this article as we dive into the cost-effective approaches and practices for international shipping.

Learn The Basics Of Shipping

First of all, having a clear picture of what you will be dealing with when it comes to shipping is utterly important. No matter how great you manufacture an item, the shipping process makes or breaks the deal for your customers. Knowing your basics regarding shipping can save you a lot of hassle.

As we all know, when you ship, it includes a shipping fee. Costly shopping fees will make your customer a little hesitant or make your customer cancel their order in the worst-case scenario. So, keeping your shipping fee as low as possible is the key here. Before diving into cost-effective shipping practices, let’s learn a thing or two about what is included in the shipping fees.

Shipping fee includes services such as:

  • Labor
  • Courier services
  • Import/export fees

Cost-Effective Practices

Now that you have a basic understanding of shipping fees, it’s time to look into cost-effective practices for international shipping.

  • Packaging – Packaging plays a crucial role in shipping your product. It is essential to use appropriate packaging materials that will protect your product as well as minimize the dimensions and the packaging weight. The less package weight it has, the less your shipping fees are going to be.
  • Carriers – Researching about carriers could be a hassle. However, researching the most cost-effective and reliable carriers will save you a lot in the long run. Research on reliable moving companies in Dubai to get a better understanding of the overall rates.
  • Order Volume – Pay attention to your monthly order Volume. The higher the volume, the better you can negotiate smaller shipping fees with your carrier.
  • Negotiate – Once you have researched a shipping company in Dubai and the order volume, you can negotiate the shipping rates with the chosen carrier. This will allow you to select discounts available at the moment for shipping.
  • Tracking – Providing tracking information will be a great way to build long-lasting trust between you and the customer. Providing tracking of the international shipment will also reduce inquiries with the customers.


Running a small business is undoubtedly thrilling in its own way. Manufacturing, marketing packaging, and shipping your own product is easier said than done. While each aspect comes with challenges, paying attention to shipping at all costs is essential as it can make or break a company’s image among the customers.


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