Shipping Essentials: Exploring The Benefits Of Groupage Shipment

Shipping Essentials: Exploring The Benefits Of Groupage Shipment

Published at 28 October, 2021 - 7:22 am by

When it comes to domestic and international shipping, you typically have two types of shipment to choose from: full container loads and less than container loads. Groupage shipments belong to the latter type and are widely used by many people to ship small packages of goods conveniently. This article will examine what this shipment means and the benefits you can obtain from using the service.

What is groupage shipment?

Groupage shipment is the most widespread form of shipment in international trade and is used by businesses and consumers worldwide. It consists of small shipments that share an identical or near origin and destination and transport them in a single container. This makes the load more manageable for the carrier while immensely benefiting the shipper and recipient.

The forwarder plays a crucial role in the process as they are responsible for assembling the shipment, combining the goods, and processing transport. This type of shipment is used for all modes of transportation, but particularly for air freight.

How can it benefit you?

The safety of your shipment will be guaranteed.

Combining shipments is not a simple process, and forwarders do not take it lightly. Some items can react with others and cause significant complications. For example, chemicals can contaminate food products, and sparks from electronics could light flammable items. Therefore, there is a stringent process to ensure that shipments are secured correctly and placed in safe combinations. Throughout the process, there are also quality checks in place to ensure that the contents are not compromised so you can be assured that your items will arrive safely at their destination.

It is cost-effective

Purchasing an entire container can be incredibly expensive, especially if global shopping is involved; hence, it can be a wasted expense if your items do not fill up all the space inside. However, in groupage shipment, you are only charged for the amount of space you have used. If there is additional space left, you will not have to bear the cost of it.

Bundling items together for shipping is incredibly cost-effective because the delivery charges are shared across all the shippers utilizing the service. The amount you need to pay will be much lesser than the price of individually shipping them. If you wish to transport many goods and do so frequently, then groupage shipment, in the long run, can save you significant time, effort, and money as our forwarder will handle all the related logistics.

It reduces your carbon footprint.

If you wish to reduce your carbon emissions, then groupage shipment can be a helpful solution. As your shipment will not require its transportation and handling, you will utilize fewer resources, and there will be a much lower impact on the environment.

Groupage shipment is incredibly beneficial and can help you in numerous ways. It ensures you receive a high quality of service without considerable hassle or expenses. If you wish to obtain this service, contact our shipping company in Dubai, Extra Space, for more information.

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