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Remodeling? Here Are DIY Storage Tips To Maximize Your Home Space

Published at 7 November, 2022 - 10:11 am by

Are you currently remodeling your place and have been looking for DIY storage hacks on the internet to maximize your home space? From improving a workstation to arranging a spice rack to cleaning closets, you’ll get all the advice you need right here!

  • Be Smart With Storage

Consider the type of storage you’re purchasing and ensure it’s appropriate for your home space. For instance, sturdy hooks are ideal for jackets, dog leashes, and luggage. Make sure the hooks for kids’ backpacks and jackets are mounted within arm’s reach so they can be responsible for their own items. If you live in a no-shoe home, shoe racks, cubbies, labeled containers, and baskets will do.

  • Consider a Free Standing Closet

A freestanding garment rack will be a great alternative whether your little closet is already overflowing or you don’t even have a closet in your bedroom, to begin with. Having everything out in the open forces you to maintain your things neat and arranged rather than in an overflowing pile in the closet.

  • Recycle Old Filing Cabinets

As a temporary buffet/ console table, arrange old file cabinets or work tables in a row. You can also hang large-scale artwork among the exposed storage components to add more visual appeal.

  • Hang Some Hooks

What, no cabinets? No worries. Hooks are the solution you’ve been looking for to keep your bathroom clutter at bay. Hooks are useful for hanging bath and washcloths, bathrobes, and even watches or accessories while bathing or cleaning your face. Don’t spend cupboard space on bulky towels if you’re low on storage space or don’t have a linen closet. Hang them up!

  • Tuck Clutter Behind Closed Doors

Keep bathroom staples like additional towels and cosmetic supplies in a cabinet, and then dress up items like tissue boxers with fancier covers. A towel rack over the toilet will help free up some room. It will keep bathroom linens orderly and, more importantly, dry when you want to use them.

  • Make Use of Old Boxes, Containers, and Crates

To keep things organized in the living area without spending a fortune on new storage equipment, repurposed existing drawers and wire baskets. To preserve your items and make them appear more polished, line wooden boxes or anything similar with a fabric wrap.

  • Purchase Drawer Organizers

Use drawer organizers to keep each item in its proper location; so you know where to look for it when you need it. For a clean, minimalist aesthetic, choose transparent plastic trays.

  • Use Space Under The Bed

Put out-of-season clothing in plastic organizers or rolling crates if you have a vacant room under your bed. No power tools are required for this storage space.

  • Take Advantage of Self-Storage Units

Even if you’ve been exceptionally creative with your storage space ideas, you may still not have enough storage. It is especially true if you’re attempting to manage a house without closets (or with a tiny closet).

While there are several storage alternatives to a closet, such as hanging racks, shelves, drawers, cube organizers, and more, you may want to explore a self storage unit.

You are free to hire a unit for as long as you require. Maybe you’re moving and need extra storage while you show your house. Perhaps you’d prefer more storage space for the stuff you intend to sell or give away in the future. Keep an eye on the leasing prices to ensure that the extra storage is reasonable for you.


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