Good Storage Facility

Qualities Of A Good Storage Facility

Published at 21 December, 2022 - 1:29 pm by

Self-storage is now the  go-to storage option most people rely on  to secure their belongings. If you just look around, self-storage facilities with the most basic amenities will appear nearby somewhere.

However, even if there are many self-storage companies in Dubai today, it might not be easy to locate one that meets your needs. Renting a storage space at a reputable facility that appreciates the value of your belongings is essential to make the most out of the price you pay.

So when choosing a storage facility, remember to consider these essential characteristics.

Excellent Security

Security is one of the key things you need to focus on when choosing a self-storage unit. Always try to ensure your belongings can be safely available when you need them back. Check for adequate lighting and CCTV cameras for round-the-clock surveillance. 

A well-lit area helps to deter criminals, and a gated entrance will prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the storage facility. Having supervisors or property managers around is also ideal if you want enhanced security. 

Perfect Location and Convenient Storage Facility

Before you hire a storage unit, find out where it is located. Make sure the facility is, first of all, simple to access during emergencies. The last thing you want is to  travel for hours out of your way each time you want to store or bring something from the unit. 

Also, take into account how convenient the storage facility is depending on various factors, including accessibility and operating hours.


​​A storage facility needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, which includes doing things like dusting, mopping, and removing stains. Deep cleaning is necessary for keeping a storage unit in Dubai in good condition. The containers must be kept immaculate at all times by the storage facility’s owner or manager. Nobody likes pests getting into their expensive furniture, of course!

If you’re considering renting a unit at a self-storage facility, it’s a good idea to go see it in person first. By doing this, you may check the location’s cleanliness to see if it’s suitable for storing your belongings.

Convenient accessibility

A decent self-storage company will allow you to access your storage any day of the week and provide flexible access hours.  If you are looking for a self-storage in UAE with these qualities and more, look no further than us here at Extra Space.


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