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Preparing To Move: An Expert’s Guide To Packing Bulky Objects

Published at 28 October, 2021 - 7:14 am by

Preparing your belongings when moving to a new home is a difficult task. There is plenty to be done, and depending on the type of item to be packed, you could require a significant amount of effort. One that poses a considerable challenge is bulky objects. They are heavy to move and require immense care to ensure no damage to them, your property, or you. Whether you plan to move them to a self-storage facility in Dubai or your new residence, it is crucial that you pack them correctly. In this blog, our experts present you with a guide that will help ensure all your belongings, regardless of their size, are moved safely.

Use suitable packing materials.

Packing materials are essential to ensure that your items are easier to carry and move while also providing protection when being transported. The way you pack small objects is not the same as bulky ones. The latter requires sturdier materials that will adequately cover them and be strong enough to bear the weight.

Some of the items you need are as follows:

Heavy-duty containers – A regular cardboard box will not bear excess weight and will eventually tear. You need to acquire five ply cardboard boxes and durable shipping boxes. If the weight is beyond what they can bear, plastic or wooden crates would be suitable. Specialty boxes will be better for heavy but valuable items as they will be appropriate for the size and have built-in padding to protect the items.

Thick wrapping – For bulky objects, you need to have a significantly thick wrapping to reduce the risk of damage to the floor and the item itself. It will also protect them if they hit each other or fall over during transportation. Foam padding or moving blankets will be the best choices; however, you can also use several layers of bubble wrap.

Firm cushioning – When you need to put heavy items inside a container, you need to have cushioning to ensure that they will not move within the box. The most effective options are corrugated cardboard, large-sized bubble wrap, foam padding, or packing peanuts. Do not use cloth or paper, as they become flat due to the weight and will not provide any protection.

Prepare the boxes properly.

You need to ensure your box is sturdy, and the best way to do this is by reinforcing them with heavy-duty packing tape all around to reduce the risk of them breaking apart when carried. If you plan to store the item in a storage facility in Dubai, it is better to label them properly or use a QR code so you can identify the contents later without having to unpack them.

While you can pack multiple small objects into containers, it is not recommended to do this with heavy ones, as you will not be able to carry them, and there is a high likelihood that the container might break. Instead, opt for a single box for each item. If you want to pack more within a container, use a weighing scale, and do not go beyond 50lb.

Seek professional help.

Depending on the item being packed, you will need to use different methods of packing. Heavy items also require special tools to move them from your home and load and unload them from the truck. We recommend hiring our professional mover. Our movers have the experience, skills, and tools necessary to pack your items correctly and ensure they are transported safely to the destination.

Packing bulky items will not be a hectic process if you pay attention to the above. For the most straightforward and easy moving experience, you need to prepare ahead. You should plan how to approach the moving process, gather the necessary supplies and book the logistics early. If you wish to inquire about hiring movers in Dubai, contact us at Extra Space to assist you.

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