Packing Glassware and Ceramics for a Safe Move

Packing Glassware and Ceramics for a Safe Move

Published at 1 June, 2022 - 6:06 am by

One of the most important steps of moving or shifting houses is the packaging. How to pack different goods tends to be one of the most confusing questions we all tend to have. The key to understanding how to pack any good depends on their nature. In the case of glassware, which is more fragile, you need to be methodical in your wrapping and packing technique. As per some insights gathered from professional moving companies, here is a step-by-step process for you to follow when packing your glassware, mugs, and mirrors for a safe move.

Step 1: Declutter

Before packing any glasses or mugs to move, decide which you want and those that you don’t need. There is no point in paying to transport clutter to your new home.  Sell or donate the excess. This will cut your packaging and wrapping time in half, and give you more space to transport your glasses and mugs more securely.

Step 2: Purchase and Gather Proper Packaging Materials

One of the most crucial steps of packaging fragile items like glassware is purchasing and gathering proper packaging materials.  Never use old boxes as they can easily fall apart, and the ink on newspapers if used as a packaging material can run and stain your glasses and mugs.  Consider materials like new, double-corrugated moving boxes, packaging paper, bubble wraps, packaging tape, tape cutter, permanent marker, and cardboard dividers. Many moving and storage companies offer these materials in different sizes to facilitate most packaging needs.

Step 3: Prepare Your Moving Boxes

Preparing your moving boxes is equally important as wrapping glasses and mugs for moving. To do this, assemble the boxes, line the boxes with a thick layer of bubble wrap, and reinforce the bottom of the box with plenty of packaging tapes. Arrange boxes with

Step 4: Prepare A Clear Flat Surface for Wrapping

If you’re packing glasses to move, you need to have a clear, flat space prepared. Make sure this area is at a comfortable height, so all that wrapping doesn’t hurt your neck or back. If you have the space arranged, you’ll be able to work far more efficiently than if you have to battle with a cluttered and uneven workbench.

Step 5: Wrap Each Glass or Cup Carefully and Methodically

The best way to pack glasses and mugs is to follow a methodological procedure. To do this, first have a flat surface arranged or an even workbench. Then take your item and stuff the hollow section of the glass or the mug with packaging paper and wind a bubble wrap around it. Make sure to add extra bubble wraps to thinner sections like the handles and stems. Finally, use packaging tape to fasten the bundle together.

Step 6: Place Your Glasses and Cups in Your Moving Boxes

When placing the packaged items in moving boxes, use cardboard dividers to separate each item. Remember that glasses and mugs are extremely fragile and even the slightest impact can break or chip. Cardboard dividers will keep the items separate and limit movement in the box. Try to carefully stack them inside your boxes or try to nest smaller mugs inside large ones to maximise space.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re eliminating excess storage space in the boxes, as space will allow movements that create breakage and damage. Another common way to remove excess space in the box is to fill the box with bubble wrap or packing paper once all your mugs and glasses are placed inside.

Step 7: Seal and Label Each Box

Finally, seal the box, and make sure the box will only be packed to the point where the top flaps can be comfortably closed. Once that’s done, label the boxes with “Fragile” on all visible sides, as well as “This side up”. Labelling specifically with what type of glass or mug is inside the box can also make it easy for you to unpack and declutter in a more organised way.

Step 8: Pack and Secure Boxes Within Moving Vehicle

The most dangerous part of the entire process is the journey from your old address to your new address. You need to make sure that movement is limited as far as possible during transit, and you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Use a large piece of furniture, like a table, to enclose the boxes containing mugs and glasses
  • Place the boxes in the corner of the vehicle, away from any objects that could topple over, and secure them with a rope

Place them in the front seat of the vehicle, and secure them with the seatbelt.

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