Moving Internationally? Tips For A Successful Move Overseas

Moving Internationally? Tips For A Successful Move Overseas

Published at 1 February, 2021 - 12:30 pm by

There are several reasons why people move internationally. People relocate because of work, school, or simply because they want a fresh new start. Whatever the reason for moving abroad, it can be an exciting way to open a new chapter in one’s life. For a successful and smooth-sailing move, planning and organization are key. 

If you’re someone who is not keen on planning, you’ll find that a little preparation ahead of your move can go a long way in ensuring that you experience a quick and stress-free relocation. Don’t worry; our experts from Extra Space are here to help you with these tips for a successful move overseas.

Start Early 

Preparing your belongings for international shipping can take time. Make sure to have enough buffer time to prepare. Begin with decluttering your space. This way, you’ll have a better overview of your belongings. It will be easier for you to choose the things you will be taking with you, items to sell, or even unused belongings to donate to charity. By starting early, you’ll have better control over your valuables. 

Avoid packing during the last minute! Our experts advise on having a packing timeline to help you get started. The rule of thumb is – start with the items you rarely use and work your way towards your everyday essentials. At times where last-minute packing is inevitable, enlisting the help of professional packers and movers will help you pack your belongings safely and swiftly. 

Never Compromise On Box Quality 

A common mistake people make when purchasing moving boxes and packing supplies is choosing cheaper, sub-standard materials to reduce costs. However, compromising on quality will do more harm than good. Having an affordable yet sturdy moving box is advisable. It will provide the best protection for your belongings and prove a good investment in the long run. 

Pack Smart 

Start to pack your items early. One tip is to begin room-wise. Meaning, you can go through your belongings one room at a time. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed compared to packing things all at once. When packing your furniture or appliances, disassembling them will save you space. For fabrics such as clothes and bed linen, vacuum sealing them will allow you to have more room and area for your cargo.

Also, consider getting insurance coverage for your items, especially that you are moving internationally. Not only will it provide you with peace of mind, but it will also prepare you for unexpected events.

Who To Ask For Help?

To have the best moving experience, having the helping hands of professionals from a reputed moving company will take all the hard work from your plate. Companies like us at Extra Space can arrange the necessary logistics to help you have a smooth transition overseas. 

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