Key Differences Between Commercial & Residential Moves

Key Differences Between Commercial & Residential Moves

Published at 1 June, 2022 - 5:59 am by

It’s not wrong to think that a move is a move, and it doesn’t make much of a difference whether it is residential or commercial. But in truth, although it may be surprising, a residential and commercial move has very little in common. According to some interesting information gathered from professional international moving companies here are some key differences between a residential and commercial move.

Residential Moves

  • Straightforward

The process of a residential move is pretty straightforward. You will start by finding a house and then just get your things from your current house to a new one. For this process, you or your full-service moving company can pack your belongings and disassemble furniture, Or else you can just choose to hire a moving company only to do the heavy lifting, loading, and unloading process.

  • More Cost-Efficient

A residential move can be done at your own pace with friends or family, and with regular packing materials and boxes that are easily available. However, to do this more securely you will always require to have good knowledge in packaging different items.

The few instances a residential move may need help from professional moving companies or special equipment is for valuables and fragile items like pianos, antiques, furniture, and glass pieces. These items need special or expert packaging and dissembling knowledge which cannot be done by oneself.

  • Can Be Done In A Short Notice

A residential move can be done at a short notice or planned well in advance. For residential moves, moving companies usually base their quotations on how many movers are required to get the job or service done, and how many hours it will roughly take.

If you want extra services like packing before moving and unpacking after reaching your new house, then there will be an additional cost.  

Commercial Moves

Requires More Planning

In business time is money, so it’s crucial to plan ahead of a commercial move so that it will have minimal impact on day-to-day operations but also to give enough notice to employees about the upcoming move and the downtime required. Usually, a commercial moving plan and the time needed will depend on the size and nature of the business, and the working hours.

Needs Expert Help And Knowledge

Just like how commercial storage is different from regular storage, commercial moving involves a lot of sensitive and heavyweight equipment that needs special care. From packing, and disassembling to moving, unpacking, and assembling the majority of the goods in a commercial move need expert handling, which can’t be done by just anyone.

Especially if you have paperwork, financial records, and computers or servers that have sensitive information, they are required to comply with the data protection laws of a given country, and they cannot be given to unprofessional or unattended hands during a move.

Needs Special Moving Equipment and Tools

Offices equip a lot of heavy, large and bulky equipment like vending machines, photocopiers, printers, desks and chairs. These commercial items need special equipment like cranes and even some special tactics to get them relocated without damage.

These can be facilitated only by a professional moving company that has staff trained along with the right equipment to make such commercial moves stress-free. Doing these by yourself without the right tools can end up in serious damages and related costs.

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