International Shipping: What Are The Main Factors You Should Consider Beforehand?

International Shipping: What Are The Main Factors You Should Consider Beforehand?

Published at 24 July, 2021 - 10:00 am by

If you are involved in the import-export trade or relocating your company elsewhere, there is no doubt they will have to utilize international shipping. It is an essential component of transporting any goods across countries. However, before using the service, you should keep certain factors in mind to be assured the item will reach its destination successfully. Many things need to be considered, such as commercial storageunits, customs, and packaging, to name a few. We will examine the primary ones in this blog.

Permissibility of the items
Many countries have a list of items that are banned from entering the country. The reason behind why they are not allowed can differ from one to another. However, suppose you are attempting to ship them. In that case, it can result in the item being disposed of by customs, legal complications, and even severe penalties or imprisonment.

Even items that seem relatively harmless can be banned in a country. Therefore, it is always necessary to ensure that the things you send are permissible and have not been restricted.

The complete cost of shipping
Some people receive or send items without knowing the total cost of the process. Doing this can be unwise, as sometimes the final amount owed may be much higher than one can afford. Therefore, they need to assess all the costs before sending or receiving goods.

Typically, when you ship goods, you need to pay the customs duties, shipping tariffs, and taxes based on the transporting object. In some cases, insurance fees may also be included. Speaking to the relevant parties will give you a reasonable estimate of what the total will most likely be, so you can allocate the amount to be paid.

Storage units
Sometimes goods that are to be sent or received via shipping will need to be stored stored in a business storage space. It could be due to various reasons. They might not have the facilities to keep the items in their company. They may not be able to retrieve the items as soon as they arrive. There might be a shipping delay, or they might be awaiting more parcels before sending them out.

Regardless of the reason, they may need to rent a storage unit. Therefore, you should reserve an appropriately sized unit ahead of time so that the items can be stored securely and will not be at risk of damage.

Medium of transportation
Deciding which transportation to use for international shipping is a crucial decision. There are four primary modes of transportation: road, rail, sea, and air. Each has its specific perks and drawbacks. Therefore, when sending or receiving items, you need to ensure the mode you choose will benefit them instead of compromising their safety and value.
In most cases, multiple modes of transportation will be used to ensure the item reaches its destination. If this is so, you will need to contact their international shipping company beforehand to sort out the logistics.

When you note the factors mentioned above, you can be confident that the item you wish to transport will safely arrive at its destination. Therefore, make sure to sort them out early, especially services that need to be booked prior, for example,  self-storage units and logistics.

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