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International Shipping: Points To Remember

Published at 15 April, 2021 - 9:00 am by

When a person emigrates from Dubai, they might be looking for a new experience, opportunities, or to spend time with their loved ones. However, there is one thing that will make things difficult—international shipping, which is more complicated than internal shipping; therefore, in this blog, we will note essential points that one should remember.

Make sure that customs will clear the item

Most issues regarding international shipping stem from customs. Regardless of which country a person hopes to travel to, they will need to clear the customs department-not just of the country they are departing to but also the one they are leaving. 

If an item is not cleared, a person will be unable to retrieve it after reaching their destination, which could result in months of legal struggle, and sometimes, they will never be able to get it back. 

Therefore, when shipping an item internationally, a person should make sure that it is allowed in the country and all fees have been correctly paid. 

Pack the items properly

Packing an item for international shipping needs to be done with care. Customs impose levies based on the size and weight of a package. Therefore, while a person should ensure that the item is sufficiently secure, it should not become too heavy. 

If a container’s contents can be divided into smaller ones, it is recommended to do so. The individual packages will be less substantial; therefore, fees will reduce. It is also necessary to ensure the box’s size fits the item perfectly to keep charges low.

When securing things, it is best to cover the item with multiple layers of bubble wrap, and in case there are gaps, one should use filling material that weighs less, like air pillows or packing peanuts. 

Transfer anything unnecessary to a storage facility

If a person emigrates for a temporary period, they should only ship what is essential for their daily life. Anything else needs to be kept in a storage facility in Dubai. This will significantly reduce shipping charges while ensuring that an individual’s belongings will be safe and secure. Modern storage units are temperature-controlled and have state-of-the-art fire safety features that protect the items regardless of how long they are stored.

Choose the appropriate mode of transportation

There are two options for international shipping, and each has their benefits and drawbacks; therefore, a person should make sure they choose the best one for their purpose. 

Shipping by Air is swift, and most items can reach their destination within a week or two after being cleared by customs in their origin country. However, this is more expensive. If an item is fragile, immediately necessary, or unable to withstand long trips, they are better suited for this transportation mode. Shipping by sea is relatively inexpensive but slower; packages can take months to arrive. Therefore, this is suitable for items that are large and more resilient. Furniture would be ideal for this option. 

If a person is still having difficulty with international shipping, it is best to let us handle it. We will help you complete all the legal work necessary and also provide removal services so that packages can be safely transported to the storage facility or delivered to the shipping company. 

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