How to Store Your Rugs and Carpets For Long-Term Care 14 March, 2023

How to Store Your Rugs and Carpets For Long-Term Care

Putting your carpets in storage space is a great start. However, there are things you should consider to keep them in good shape. First things first, look for a trustworthy self-storage business with climate-controlled spaces. Your rugs may be stored safely and securely in a climate-controlled storage space.

After selecting a self-storage facility, it’s time to start packing your carpets and rugs. Check out the tips below for getting carpets and rugs ready for self-storage!

Carpets And Rugs Should Be Given A Thorough Cleaning

The importance of cleaning your rug before keeping it for five weeks or years is the same. Dirt will attract bugs and mold, damaging the fabric and strands. It’s important to remember that each rug type requires a unique approach to cleaning. Therefore, before continuing, please verify the instructions on the label.

Carpets Made By Weaving Or Braiding Yarn

Use a mesh washing bag, the gentle cycle, and the low heat setting to clean and dry your tiny woven or braided carpets. Sponge clean this kind of huge rug using carpet soap on a concrete or vinyl floor. Do the recommended rinse and then finish by vacuuming.

Genuinely Handcrafted, Hand-Knotted, And Vintage

If you have an antique or vintage rug that you want to protect from being vacuumed, putting a piece of nylon screen over the rug and vacuuming over it is one option. This type of rug is hard to clean and needs to be done by a reliable professional who has done it before. Doing a poor job of cleaning it yourself might ruin it.

Rugs Made Of Fur And Sheepskin

These carpets may be cleaned by using talcum powder, letting it rest for a few hours, and then shaking it out well. Get the best possible results while cleaning rugs by repeating this procedure many times and using the vacuum’s lowest setting.

Keep Unwanted Insects From Getting Into Your Rugs

Once you’ve cleaned your rugs thoroughly, use a fabric-safe insect and pest repellent to keep pests away. If you want good results, you need to do what it says on the box.

Keep The Form Of Your Rugs By Rolling Them

Carpets should never be folded. When you fold a regular rug, you risk creasing it and ruining the backing. While rolling up your rug, make sure the pile, which is the most delicate area, is facing toward the inside. While rolling your rug, it is essential to maintain it as straight as possible, so use a thick, solid curtain rod or wooden dowel.

Cover Your Rugs

Wrapping rugs before putting them at the self-storage facility may prevent damage from dust, insects, and other dirt. Wrap the rug with a cotton sheet, muslin, or polyurethane plastic. Use polyurethane wrap if you need additional protection against moisture and pests. If you use plastic, your rugs won’t be able to breathe and will eventually develop molds.

Vertically Stack Rugs And Carpets In Storage

Use pallets to elevate your carpets off the floor when storing them. Keep your rugs and carpets in an upright position and away from any potential damage by not leaning anything against them.

Quick Recap

If you care about the quality of your rugs and carpets, the best alternative is to store them in a secure, climate-controlled, affordable storage facility. If you take the necessary precautions, your belongings will be as clean when you get them from storage as when you left them.



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