How To Keep Valuables Safe When Moving

How To Keep Valuables Safe When Moving

Published at 14 August, 2022 - 11:54 am by

One of the main things that we rather tend to struggle with when moving houses is making sure our valuables are safe. Although it’s quite easy to believe someone may be trustworthy, it only takes one thief to change your mind. Thankfully with the advancement of security practices, there are many different ways you can use to protect your valuables during a house relocation.  According to some professional movers, here are some tried and tested ways that can be of help for this purpose.

Take An Inventory List Of Valuables

Before you pack things for moving out, take a list of inventory of your belongings, and decide what is valuable. This can be anything that holds great monetary value or those that have any sentimental attachments. Then figure out the best places to keep them safe during the move.

If you’re taking the help of professional local or international movers, then take pictures of the valuables as proof they were present the day you gave access for the movers to do their job. This can help you compensate just in case something is misplaced, stolen, or broken.

Store in Safety Deposit Box

If you don’t need immediate access, you can store your valuables in a safety deposit box. Important papers, expensive jewellery and other treasured heirlooms are ideal to be stored here. This service is available in banks, and they will charge a fee to store and safeguard your valuables until you have settled into your new place and need them.

Storage Units

Self-storage units have lately become the go-to option for both personal and commercial storage, especially valuable goods that need extra protection from theft, pests, and climate-fluctuations. Expensive wine, artworks, furniture, bicycle or seasonal goods, and books are some good options for valuables that can be stored in self-storage. However, remember there are certain things that cannot be stored in these units, which you’ll have to verify from the providing company.

Store with Friends or Relatives

One of the easiest things to protect your valuables when moving is to give them to your friends or family who are trustworthy. While giving them this responsibility, just check how they will store the items. If you feel their storage options may not be safe, then revisit other options.

Fill Out Declaration Forms

Usually, moving companies offer you to fill out a declaration form for your expensive valuables. Filling this form helps the movers recognize and give special care to these items. Verify with your moving company if they have these services.

You Can Take It With You

If you feel the moving company is not reliable, or if you don’t have trustworthy friends or family, or storage units nearby to try other options, then the best option is to just keep them with you. The day you pack things for moving, gather all valuable items and pack them together either in a box or a suitcase, so you can put them in your personal vehicle and take it with you when moving out.

Stay Off Social Media

Perhaps a silly thing people do when moving out is taking selfies of their valuables and post them on social media which can only attract potential thieves. Another weak thing to do is publish the detailing of their move on a social media post for the lot to see. Remember that not everything you post stays with just your friends, so keep it private until you have safely moved to your new place and settled in.


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