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Have You Heard About The 5S of Organizing?

Published at 8 April, 2021 - 8:56 am by

Organizing, while easy in theory, is something that can be difficult to do in real life. If a person attempts to organize their office and is having difficulty doing so, the best way to approach it is by utilizing the 5S of organizing. This concept is used by many worldwide. If one correctly grasps the fundamental aspects of this theory, it can make the process of cleaning out things and sending them to storage units simple and straightforward. This blog will explore what this method is and how a company can utilize it. 

What are the 5S?

The 5S is a system designed by the Japanese to handle workplace organization. It involves five steps that have to be carried out in a step-by-step manner so that everything will be in its proper place and the area will be clean and organized. Therefore, helping people perform their jobs effectively, efficiently, and safely.

The five steps refer to Japanese words, and they are as follows.

  1. Sort (Japanese term – seiri meaning tidiness)
  2. Set in order (Japanese term – seiton meaning orderliness)
  3. Shine (Japanese term – seiso meaning cleanliness)
  4. Standardize (Japanese term – seiketsu meaning standardization)
  5. Sustain (Japanese term – shitsuke meaning discipline)

We will explore what they are and how a person can utilize them properly below.

Step 1 – sort

A company first needs to decide what items need to be removed from an area. Many workplaces tend to have things that are not used or unnecessary. Therefore, before trying to clean all surfaces or send items to storage, it is necessary to remove what is not needed. Otherwise, these things will also be stored away, taking up vital space and costing money.

Step 2- set in order

In this step, people will identify each item, organize it neatly and prepare it for storage. To do this properly, one would need to make a list of the items and then decide which ones need to be kept in the office and which ones need to be stored in a business storage facility.  

Once everything is decided, they need to pack them efficiently. Large items need to be kept in suitable containers with packing peanuts or air pillows to protect them. Batteries and wires of electronic items need to be packed separately. If there are delicate items, they need to be covered in bubble wrap and secured in boxes that are clearly labeled as fragile. 

Step 3- shine

Once everything is stored away, the area needs to be cleaned. All surfaces, including ones that are generally not used, need to be wiped down and disinfected. 

Step 4- standardize

In this step, a company will try to incorporate the above steps in their daily operating procedure. However, many tend to skip this. Most companies treat organizing their workspace as an annual endeavor, resulting in a build-up of things, dust, and dirt that takes much longer to sort out. If a company decides to do this step, then the extensive annual clean-up will be unnecessary as it will always be organized.

Step 5 – sustain

Incorporating the above in operating procedure is not going to create a difference if no one follows it. A company needs to ensure that they sustain the change. To do this, they need to assign responsibility to workers and record their progress. Then they need to ensure that this is done in a cycle and would not end. 

The 5S methodology can help a company organize its work place efficiently. The business premises will only have the things it needs to function daily, and other items will be stored in commercial storage facilities. Therefore, ensuring that the office motivates employees to work to the best of their ability instead of hindering them. 

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