Decluttering During The Holy Month: Important Things You Need To Know

Decluttering During The Holy Month: Important Things You Need To Know

Published at 15 May, 2021 - 11:47 am by

Ramadan is a hectic month, and many tend to be very busy during it. Amidst the prayers, chores, and work, it can be challenging for an individual to find the time to declutter their home and send things to self-storage units in Dubai. Therefore, it is necessary to do this ahead of time. We will examine the way one can do this effectively in this blog.


Set a timeline

The best way to go about a task with an imminent deadline is by creating a timeline with clear goals to achieve. Without a deadline, one can be vulnerable to procrastinating instead of finishing the tasks at hand, which will make them stressed when they rush to complete the decluttering process.

It has to be noted that a deadline without smaller achievable goals is neither practical nor helpful. Suppose the goal is to declutter the entire home by a specific date. In that case, it could seem like a mammoth endeavor and demotivate an individual. However, dividing it into subtasks will seem more feasible, and a person can complete it, therefore making progress in the timeline. A popular way people approach organizing their home is by cleaning one room at a time. 


Make a system for sorting.

When one wishes to declutter, they should not dive in without a system for sorting. Doing so can make the experience more confusing and challenging than it should be. Therefore, a person should have a process for organizing all the items. 

This system is based on what a person intends to do with their belongings; therefore, there can be various piles of items. However, the three most common ones people have are things they wish to keep, what they are getting rid of, and items heading for storage.

When an individual is going through their possessions, they should move the objects into one of these piles. To save time and complete the process quickly, one can organize them into separate boxes instead of leaving them in a heap.


Label all the boxes.

Once everything in a room is organized and items being sent to storage or given away are packed, the boxes need to be clearly labeled. It can be tiring and stressful to search through every container to find an item one needs; therefore, marking a box is crucial. It will make it easier for a person to identify the contents of a container with a glance.  

The above is especially true for items that are being sent to self-storage companies in Dubai. Reaching the facility can already take a fair amount of time amidst the city’s heavy traffic. So one can imagine how exhausting it would be to spend many hours after that, trying to find an object within all the unlabelled boxes. 

Decluttering before Ramadan can be a simple process if the above is carried out. An individual will be able to enjoy a clean home with the things they need in their day-to-day life and the knowledge that the remainder of their belongings is safe in a storage facility in Dubai.

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