Comming Shipping Challenges

Common Shipping Challenges & How To Overcome Them

Published at 21 August, 2022 - 12:01 pm by

The concept of shipping has advanced so much over the years, especially with the intention of increasing convenience and safety for the end customer. However, as with any good or service,  there are still some common challenges that you will have to face when using a shipping service. Here is a list of expert tips on how you can overcome them to enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience.

  1. Understanding The Service

One of the most common international shipping challenges is understanding the terms associated with the range of services, making it hard to decide what solution or service you want.

How To Overcome

Before you get a shipping service or solution, there are three key terms to be mindful of, as they directly decide what type of service you’ll choose.

  • Carrier Shipping – Can be done with your own delivery company.
  • Shipping Carrier- Involves a third-party company specialising in moving packages from one location to another during a given time and done primarily on behalf of other businesses.
  • Shipping Containers – The box (metal containers ) that the shipping companies use to transport your goods. Knowing how much storage space or how many containers you need is a key criterion for making sure all your goods meet adequate storage needs for shipment.

You can also talk to a shipping consultant or related professional in the company, specify your needs and let them guide you with suitable options according to your requirements and budget.

2. Insurance Requirements

For most of us, the topic of insurance on its own seems confusing, and it’s no exception to shipping insurance.  Shipping goods comes with many potential risks, especially from the harsh environmental conditions they are exposed to, and that’s why insuring them is important. But deciding what is right for our needs and the nature of goods can call for proper guidance.

How To Overcome

Insurance is mandatory for international shipping, and some carriers may require it domestically as well. Usually, there are two types of insurance: cargo and transit. Cargo insurance is taken to cover the contents, whereas transit coverage protects the goods against physical damage or loss.

You need to know what type of shipping carrier you’re using. Only then a consultant can recommend proper insurance that covers the possible shipping challenges your goods may face.

3. Not Knowing The Status Of Shipments And Delays

Not knowing where the shipment is heading or its status can be one of the biggest challenges when shipping goods, especially when facing delays and not knowing what happened to the shipment.

There are many forces outside control, like natural disasters, political unrest, and even pandemics, that can impact shipping routes and the expected delivery times. While they can’t be prevented altogether, there are certain ways to ease this challenge and assure the security of your goods.

How To Overcome

Nowadays, many shipping companies have an option that lets you track your shipment, allowing you to know what happens with your goods and their overall status. Through this option, you can get live updates on where your package is and when it might arrive at its expected destination.

And if you’re getting the service of a relatively advanced shipping company, they also have facilities that let them monitor local, regional, national, and world events in order to speculate potential route problems.  If any such issues arise, they use available information and their extensive network to modify or divert the path a shipment should take to avoid trouble spots. That way, you can always expect timely deliveries.


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