Common mistakes in kitchen

Common Kitchen Organising Mistakes Many Make

Published at 14 September, 2022 - 7:35 am by

Choosing beautiful fixtures and finishes for your kitchen is one thing, but if you get the organising wrong, it won’t be as functional as you may want  it. While having good storage space and layout can make kitchen organisation easy, simple mistakes can affect how efficiently you can work around the kitchen, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

 This article will list down some common kitchen organising mistakes homeowners make so that you can avoid them in yours. 

Not Making Use Of Storage Space 

Focus on an organisation method that can maximise the use of your kitchen’s space and storage facilities—having things scarred all around the kitchen can disrupt your kitchen’s accessibility and mobility. 

Look at all the spaces in your kitchen and see how they can be creatively used for storing kitchen items. Make maximum use of pantry pullouts, drawer organisations, dividers, and roll-out shelves if you have any. 

Keeping Things You Don’t Use or Need

One of the leading causes of clutter and mess in the kitchen, especially if you have a relatively small layout, is keeping things you don’t need or use around. This is one of the most important kitchen organising mistakes you need to avoid. 

Store away gadgets or large utensils that you occasionally use when hosting parties or events. Donate or give away any duplicates, things you don’t use, or those that you think serves no purpose.

 If you have rented a self-storage facility, you can also store kitchen gadgets you occasionally use there. Self-storage units can be beneficial, especially for china, cutlery, or other fine vintage kitchen utensils you collect as a hobby. 

Not Planning Around the Workflow

Although often overlooked, a good kitchen workflow helps you avoid running backwards and forwards between different parts of your kitchen every time you cook. Before organising your, think of the layout and how you will use your kitchen. Always keep things around the kitchen areas they will be used.

 For example, you can have the spices and oils near the cooking zone and cutlery and dishes near the dishwasher. That way, you have what you need within arm’s reach, saving more time and energy in getting things done. 

Not Measuring Appliances

Placing appliances in the wrong layout due to a lack of planning can lead to excessive protrusion from oversize kitchen equipment. This can make it challenging to open cabinets and other appliances in your kitchen and even reduce the circulation space available to move. Without a proper layout plan for organising, appliances like microwaves, blenders, and food processors can be sitting on the counter or island, creating clutter. 

Before organising, select appliances well in advance; check the dimensions and the way each appliance opens to ensure that your kitchen layout can accommodate them in a convenient way with minimal distractions. 

Not Maximising Vertical Wall Space

Every bit of space in the kitchen matters, especially if it’s small. The wall in your kitchen offers valuable vertical storage space to organise the space more efficiently and neatly. One best way to do this is to take the cupboards up to the ceiling. If you don’t like the idea of rows of closed-door cabinets, try open shelving, a deep plate rail, hooks and racks, magnets, or even sliding shelves that can give you more storage to organise your kitchen better.


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