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Best Ways To Prevent Damage While Moving

Published at 15 January, 2022 - 6:10 am by

Preventing damages is the foremost thing in anyone’s mind when packing for a move, but something always seems to go wrong at some point. Protecting your goods while moving can be easy; all it takes is some simple tricks and things to be mindful of. Below are the 4 best ways you can keep your goods damage-free while moving. 

Invest In The Right Packing And Wrapping Supplies

One of the main reasons why damages occur while moving is due to inappropriate or poor packaging. When you don’t pack your goods properly, you’re directly putting them at risk to get damaged. . Using poor quality or incorrect packaging materials can cause unnecessary damage to your belongings.

If you have fragile goods to move, pack them in suitable and well-insulated boxes. Boxes are a great way to prevent damage, as they don’t easily change their shape and can be more safely stacked on top of each other when compared to regular bags or luggage. Nowadays, many storage companies sell packaging supplies, including boxes in different sizes with customizable options, making it easier to get boxes that fit the goods that you want to move.

Besides that, consider wrapping fragile goods in paper and bubble wrap or foam peanuts. They provide additional cushioning to prevent scratches and scrapes that might occur when moving goods and shock resistance when stacking goods on top of each other. 

Disassemble Bulky Furniture And Appliances

Another common reason for damages when moving is not dissembling bulky goods, like furniture and other appliances. Moving bulky items is physically strenuous and is highly prone to damages. Dissembling heavy and oversized goods into small parts and packing them in boxes can easily prevent damages while moving and protect its quality at the same time too.

If you’re unsure of how to disassemble your furniture and appliances, you can use the expert dissembling services that moving companies offer. This service will easily help you get the job done right away without any damage and help you put them back together once you have moved the goods.

Less is More When Packing 

Although it can be tempting to fill your boxes with everything possible when moving, it can cause items, especially delicate ones, to be crushed easily and damaged – even if they are well-padded. While it is natural to think that a big item would need a big box, it’s smarter to pack your goods according to their weight when moving. A large box filled with heavy China will need more than one person to lift, and they’ll be more likely to drop it. Heavier items should go into smaller boxes, while bigger boxes should be saved for lighter things.

Hire Professional Movers

If you always find it difficult to prevent damage while moving or are seeking a hassle-free way to move your goods safely, then the best option is to hire a professional moving service. Many self-storage companies have professional moving as a range of their services. They have professional movers who are trained and experienced to prevent damages while moving. They know the treatment or the type of packaging goods required according to their nature. They can also do it much more efficiently and cost-effectively than having to do it by yourself.

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