Best Ways To Label Moving Boxes For Easy Unpacking

Best Ways To Label Moving Boxes For Easy Unpacking

Published at 21 July, 2022 - 11:26 am by

Moving, in general, is a process that requires a lot of organising and planning, unless you’re getting this done through professional moving companies, of course. When your goods finally arrive at the new location, one of the unpleasant things that can happen is discovering all the moving boxes to be identical, giving you no clue which items are in which boxes or to which room they belong

Unfortunately, many don’t put much thought into labelling when it comes to moving, which is essential to making this whole process hassle-free. Here are some strategic ways to label your moving boxes for easy unpacking.

Label Boxes According To Their Priority

Opening all the boxes to find something essential right after you move to a new location can be tense. Diving, packaging, and labelling the goods you need in the first few days after moving in terms of their priority can make it easy for you to unpack without searching through many boxes to find what you need.

Label them as “H” for high priority, “M” for medium priority, and “L” for low priority, that way, you will know which boxes can be unpacked at last.

Label All the Sides Of The Box

If you’re hiring professional packers and movers, they usually follow this as it makes it easy for them to know in which room to leave the box or how to handle the box without having to turn it over and over to find the label.

But if you’re handling the packaging by yourself, then label every side of the box with the nature of the goods and in which room they should go. Because let’s be realistic, loading and moving boxes from one room to another can be heavy indeed.

Besides, this method minimises damages as anybody handling the moving boxes knows what is inside without having to miss reading the label.

Develop A Colour-coding System

Colour coding the boxes by room is an effortless way to keep things organised when unpacking. It will also make it easy for the movers to know where and which rooms to put the moving boxes in.

You can use different coloured packaging tape or use different patterns of tape for labelling. Even marking the boxes with different coloured markers will do this job well.

Use Stickers

If you’re a person who is into sticker collections, then you can use them to maintain a theme for the moving boxes according to the rooms they should go into. Or, if you want to get a little more professional, you can print stickers with room names.

Either way, stickers can be a quick and easy way to label boxes for easy unpackaging; just make sure they don’t easily fall off.

Number The Boxes

Sometimes we don’t keep track of the number of moving boxes, and we tend to search for them when unpacking. For this reason, you can label the boxes with a number and the rooms they should go into. For example, you can write the room they should go into and the number of the box like “Living room -10”.

Then, you can link this information with your inventory list, making it easy to keep track of all the moving boxes that have been successfully unloaded and not realise later that some are missed out.

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