5 Steps You Should Take In Storing The Office Essentials Before The Big Move

5 Steps You Should Take In Storing The Office Essentials Before The Big Move

Published at 1 March, 2021 - 6:07 am by

Companies make the decision to relocate to Dubai based on an array of reasons. Maybe the location is better, or they need more space. Regardless of what the reason is, it can be an exciting and stressful time for employees. Moving is hectic, especially when you need to take care of storage. Most businesses opt for self-storage as it is more cost-effective, and they have more control over what’s happening. So here are five steps one should take when storing office essentials.

Write up a detailed inventory

This might seem like an essential thing to do, but many tend to skip this step resulting in confusion and unnecessary stress later on. Inventories help a company track what items are being stored and where they are, so they could be easily retrieved when they need to be unpacked. It is vital when many things are packed, as the sheer scale of items can be a hassle to sort through without proper organization.

Label the boxes and containers

When unpacking, it can be overwhelming to sort through hundreds of boxes without knowing what they contain, especially if they are spread out all across the new location. If people are trying to set up the boardroom, it can take ages to find the containers that hold the items which are supposed to go there. This is why all boxes must be labelled while they are being packed. It would be even more helpful if a detailed list of every item within a storage container is pasted on it.

Make sure important documents are packed securely first

Files and other documents can easily be misplaced amid the moving hassle. Therefore, these need to be packed first. It is also essential to choose a waterproof, secure container for them to be stored within. Depending on how long it takes to relocate, files can end up being stored for months. 

If they are not protected adequately, they can be ruined. Moisture could discolor documents and erode the ink, resulting in them becoming unreadable. Furthermore, silverfish, a type of pest, can damage the paper, possibly resulting in total loss of the file. 

Expensive equipment has to be stored with care

Equipment can be expensive to replace if damaged; therefore, these need to be packed with care. It is a wise decision to consult the self-storage company you are working with to decide the best method to store them securely. Some storage facilities have air-conditioned units that can keep the machinery in optimum condition until you retrieve them. Rust can impose a severe problem on metal fixtures, so these kinds of units will reduce or even eliminate the risk of them forming. 

Another thing to keep in mind is fire hazards. Always ensure that the storage unit has adequate fire protection. Insurance may not always cover every piece of equipment owned; therefore, a company needs to ensure that its machinery will be protected.

When in doubt, ask for professional help

It can sometimes be overwhelming to pack everything, and it is common for companies to find themselves confronting hurdles. In cases like this, it is best to consult a professional and ask for their advice. They have helped many relocate, so they know what needs to be done and how to do it. Therefore they can provide a solution quickly, ensuring there is no delay.

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